I’m defeated by this little girl’s hair.  It’s curly, but not ALL curly, is in her eyes all the time, and is basically unmanageable.  I could cut bangs and that would help a little bit, but the last time I cut bangs for her they didn’t cooperate and didn’t look that great.  What I want is for it all to grow out now!

It’s all different lengths, too.  I try to  keep it up either in a ponytail or pigtails and it looks fine that way, but anyone who has been the mother of a toddler or preschooler knows they don’t like to keep things in their hair, especially if they know you want it there!   Emma just calls it her “crazy hair” and walks around with this nest of hair on her head.

Like I said, I’m defeated.  I guess I could take her in to get her hair cut somewhere – maybe someone who knows what they’re doing could do something with it.

What do you think I should do?  Wait it out or try to cut it?


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  • haha, I’d just wait it out. My mother has told me stories of how I was so stubborn with my hair. She was to the point of giving up with my hair, as well, since it was often very wavy and not controllable. When I was five, I had a “fad” in which I insisted that my hair be done in braids on one side and in a ponytail on the other side. When mom refused, saying that it just didn’t look right, I would beg my older sister to do it for me and she couldn’t say no. haha then mom finally just gave up. So if Emma is calling it her “crazy hair”, let it grow out and just smile and shake your head. Mom learned that the hard way. *smile*

  • Honestly, if it were me I would have her bangs trimmed so they aren’t in her eyes and leave the rest grow out. If you do decide to have it cut, I would definitely go somewhere where they know what they are doing, that can make all the difference in the world.

  • Zoe has the same hair almost, straight on top, curly on the bottom and ends. I didn’t want to cut it but now I trim it every six weeks and it has made a world of difference. I say start trimming to get it tamed:)

  • Have the bangs cut and ask a hair dresser about the rest. She is so sweet, it would probably make her feel better with a great haircut.

  • My daughters hair is the same. We do high up pig tails that are close to the front so all the hair can stay in- or we do a pig tail on the top of her head that sweeps back the bangs. I don’t want her to have permanant bangs so I wouldn’t cut them. Plus I want her hair to be long and not loose the beautiful curls so I am afraid if I cut it it will be gone. Just pull them back! But that is just me.

    • I do the same thing with Emma’s hair and it always looks good that way. I think I’ll be doing that more and just waiting for her hair to grow out. I did trim it today tho, the back of it anyway. Hoping that helps a bit. Thanks for sharing and giving me your thoughts!

  • If I were you, I’d trim her bangs, just so they’re not hanging in her face. The rest will grow out soon. It amazes me how much she reminds me of Lucy!

    I had a bunch of links in my comment to show you, but it keeps telling me I’m being spammy. LOL!! If you want me to email them to you, let me know!

  • Wait it out. When she’s home with you, let her do what she wants! Find a friend who’s daughter has outgrown bows and ribbons and let you daughter experiment on her and her dolls. Explain to her that when she goes out, she has to do her hair nice, and let her choose what to put in it! I have tons extra if you want them!

  • It’s really not all that bad. My daughter’s hair is way worse. Her hair is curly & always tangled. She won’t let me comb it or fix it most of the time. I’ve trimmed it, but it is uneven & doesn’t seem to grow. I’d probably trim her bangs or try to keep them back with a headband or something & let them grow out.

  • Her hair is so much like my daughters was and now my daughter has long beautiful hair with gorgeous curls ( on the ends). I say just let it grow and try to get her to wear headbands, : )

    I am having a new fabric giveaway this weekend, I hope you stop by!

  • My daughter has the same type of hair. The hardest part is waiting for the hair to get to one length. My daughters hair is finally down to her waist but she does have some shorter hair around her face (where she decided to cut her own bangs about a year and a half ago). Having bangs is a disaster as they always curl much tighter and never the way you would want them to. I have very naturally curly hair and have fought with bangs every time I try them on myself. I started making cute hair clips that I let my daughter pick out all of the ribbon for (so she would like them) that kept the hair out of her eyes until it was longer. I now put little rubber pony bands in to just pull up the front and she likes that. I also have made a bunch of headbands ~both material and covered the plastic ones. Good luck once it gets past the short point it will be beautiful. My daughters hair is such a beautiful blonde with waves and curls at the end.
    I agree with the comment above have her wear headbands I have a ton so that what ever mood my daughter is in she will have one to match that rather then her clothes (I did try to go with ones that would go with most of her outfits so she wouldn’t clash to bad).
    Lots of links out there if you want to try to make your own clips or head bands. If you can’t find them send me a note and I can send you some links.

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