Today I would like to introduce you to Creative Clips, owned by Colleen Connon from Arizona, a mom of two who creates stylish non-slip clips for little girls!

These clips feature a strip of Velcro that helps them to stay in place in all types of hair – even thin, fine hair like my daughter, Emma. I’ve been waiting for a year (since she was born, lol) for her hair to thicken so that I can put it in pigtails… having these cute clips to jazz things up really helps with the waiting game. It’s good to know that they can be used as her hair grows, too. :-)

Like this!

Cool Fact: Many celebrity moms buy Creative Clips including Jessica Alba and Denise Richards!

Video Review

Emma’s sweet little hair-deprived head sporting cute Creative Clips!

Buy it!

Creative Clips is generously sharing a special Friends and Family discount link with my readers! Click here to save 15% on ANY ITEM – offer ends August 1!

Thanks to ChicExecs and Creative Clips for the opportunity to review these wonderful hair clips!

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



2 Responses to Creative Clips for Girls Review

  • Jaedyn looks so cute with the hair clip :)

  • I haven't even tried to use clips in Pixie's hair because it was pretty non-existent. But she started getting more and it's curly! I was so surprised and pleased. I have to try and use clips!

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