I’ve been crocheting madly in preparation for Christmas. Need some ideas? Here are some free patterns for scarves I found and would love to share with you.
Scarves, by the way, are AWESOME! They keep you toasty warm, totally finish an outfit (even I can look somewhat fashionable!), you can wear light ones in the summer, and use them as belts, too!

(Don’t know how to crochet? Give it a try – here is a tutorial I found for you. Seriously, it’s fun, addictive, and SO EASY!)

Click on the pictures to go to the free patterns!

(This has a lot of potential, I think! Lion brand pattern, you need to sign up, but after that you have access to all their free patterns!)

I love this flower pattern!

Grand Picot Scarf (Crochet) - Mozilla Firefox 1132013 34142 PM.bmp

 Curly-Qs! Love the way this looks!

I am loving this look and especially the colors in this drop-stitch scarf!
Update:  The original pattern is gone but I did find a similar one
and the photo now links to that one.

This one is so intricate and beautiful! (Link is PDF)

These skinny scarves are so cute and chic! I would love to make one.
Note: You need to sign up to get the pattern, but it’s free!

I’ve used this pattern before and made a blue neckwarmer for my grandma. I also made little purses with granny squares – I looove granny squares! lol Hm, methinks I could make a future post with this… what to do with granny squares. :-)

Harry Potter scarves! Ha!

This flower is easy and fun to make! I made one yesterday and put it on a scarf.

Head on over to PART 2 to see ten more free crochet patterns!


3 Responses to Crochet Goodness – Scarves! (Part 1)

  • All quite lovely. I wish I could crochet. :)

  • I love to wear the crocheted scarves (not the fancy silk ones) – and remember my grandmother always crocheting something. I never could get the hang of it. But I might just have to give it a try. Thanks for the link to a pattern.

  • Wow, those are really cute! I used to knit…before life took over. I’m hoping to find some balance to be able to do things like this again.

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