I’ve been crocheting madly in preparation for Christmas. Need some ideas? Here are some free patterns for scarves I found and would love to share with you.

Scarves, by the way, are AWESOME! They keep you toasty warm, totally finish an outfit (even I can look somewhat fashionable!), you can wear light ones in the summer, and use them as belts, too!

(Don’t know how to crochet? Give it a try – here is a tutorial I found for you. Seriously, it’s fun, addictive, and SO EASY!)

Some of these are Lionbrand patterns – you have to sign up but it’s all free!

Click on the pictures to go to the free patterns!

Curly Scarf


Lovely mesh scarf (I love the glittery look – they might be beads)

Ridged Scarf and Hat – they look cozy!


Potato chip ruffles scarves! ;-)
DSC02054Neckwarmers rock!
These hooded scarves are really cute!
This is SO stylish, I have to make one!
I’m loving this stitch for a scarf!

This would make an awesome belt, too!

I love the look of this “Waikiki” scarf!

That was fun! :-) Do you like to wear scarves? If so, how do you wear them?

Do you crochet and love to blog about it? Leave your blog URL in a comment here, I’d love some more inspiration! And if you crochet any of these scarves and want to post a picture, feel free to leave the link here so I can see!


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