I’m currently searching CSN Stores (over 200 of them!) for step stools.  Oh my goodness, it’s so much fun shopping there!  There are SO many step stools available, I’m hard pressed to pick just one;  plus, I keep finding myself being distracted by the deals I come across – from bar stools for your dining room to furniture for your nursery.  And toys, toys for Christmas!  But one thing at a time – I really need a step stool for Emma right now.

Finally, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the following:

See, I really like the second one the best, but I like that the first stool has a small storage area, too.  Tough one!

What do you think?


One Response to On the Search for the Perfect Step Stool for Emma

  • So cute! My mom bought several for the grandkids years ago (before AppleBlossom came along) from Ikea. But only recently have I started really thinking about. I think she’d love to stand with me to brush her teeth. :)

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