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My daughter has had an obsession with wall stickers ever since I bought a set for her to play with from the dollar store and let her decorate her toy box to her heart’s content.  So when I heard from CuteyBaby that they would love to be a part of my wall art series, I was excited – both for myself and my precocious 2-year-old.  And for CuteyBaby! :)

CuteyBaby has a wonderful selection of wall decals that are perfect for a boy’s or girl’s room, nursery, teen’s room, and even your own room!

Cool Fact:

CuteyBaby will customize decals for you in color or size for only $10-20.  They also are are able to create new designs and themes on request!

A Mom’s Thoughts…

Thanks to CuteyBaby, I was able to review their “The Bees Knees” wall decal set.  This features a small hive and mini bees, bees and  ladybugs of all sizes, and flowers galore!

(This is not the entire sheet, just a sample)

Ease of Application:

These are so simple to remove from the sheet and stick to the wall!  Our walls have a slight texture, so I wasn’t sure how well they would stick.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that they stuck firmly to the wall but were also easy enough to remove and re-apply if necessary.  And since my lovely little girl helped me stick these to the wall, there was definitely some re-applying going on.  ;-)  But Emma had fun and that’s all that counts!

The Results!

Here’s what we came up with:

We enjoyed making Emma’s crib swarm with cute bugs.  :)

And her bookshelf is blooming!

What we love:

These decals brighten up Emma’s room and crib, and are super easy to apply and remove – perfect for a house that is being rented such as ours.  :) They’re also very nice quality and hardy! I thought for sure that Emma would tear off some of the ladybug antennae with her attempts at sticking them to the wall and crib, but they stayed on!  That’s awesome.

What we don’t love:

I wish there was more grass and flowers rather than bugs – there were so many bugs I still haven’t applied them all!  Emma might feel differently, though… she’s been carrying ladybugs around the house like they’re her little pets.  ;-)

Final Thoughts:

We are very happy with and recommend CuteyBaby wall decals!

Buy It!

Browse the CuteyBaby decals at the official CuteyBaby website and at here!  Many of the wall decal kits start at $25, though most are in the $49 range.

I received the product reviewed above in order to share my thoughts on it with you.  This post is my own opinion.


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