Have you seen the super-cool pumpkins that are being decorated for fall? I never was into that before, but after seeing some of these, I’m inspired! It’s not just scary faces, folks!

Thanks to How About Orange for the great links!

Hallmark’s Fantasy Pumpkins:

I LOVE this!

And this is just too cute…

23 Pumpkins to Paint and Decorate at Better Homes and Gardens:

I like the white pumpkin idea… I would love to paint little birds around one.

And any kind of house, what a neat idea!

Sunset Magazine’s Leafy Pumpkins:

I love these!

and especially this!

No-Carve Pumpkins at Good Housekeeping:

This ribbon idea is so simple and doable!

Oooh, my mom should do this – she has a fireplace!

Country Living’s Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas:

Do you decorate pumpkins for fall?


4 Responses to Decorating Pumpkins

  • I sent the fireplace one to my mom too!! What great pictures! It brings a whole new meaning to carving pumpkins.

  • these are great!

    btw, check out momdot today, you won a prize. You need to claim it


  • LOVE all of these. If I have time this weekend I might just have to try a few!

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments. And thanks for the links to this post! I was looking for a Cinderella pumpkin and that is the perfect inspiration! Thanks!!!

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