I found this article here at the Celebrity Baby Blog (can’t remember how I found that place, lol). I don’t really follow all the baby drama and excitement in the Hollywood world (though it’s hard not to know since they tend to be all over the covers of all the magazines) but found this interesting:

I found this interesting because I remember caring very much about what I wore in the birthing room before my baby came into this world five months ago and I looked everywhere for something I could wear before and after. I had no clue what was coming or what I would feel but I was determined not to wear one of those “yucky hospital gowns” (say that with a sneer) and feel like “a patient”. lol Turns out, by the time I was in labor I didn’t care what I was wearing and did end up wearing one of those hospital gowns! And I couldn’t have cared less, lol. I just wanted some pain medication.

I can tell you one thing, the girl in that picture does NOT look like she’s in labor. *grumble* I wish I had looked that good, though. I think I would like to have something like this IF I ever have another child. I have very mixed feelings about that decision!

Let me go check the price…

Okay, it’s $98. Yikes.

And THIS is what it says (no joke!) at the site, Daniela Corte:

Dar-A-Luz Maternity Gown

Cold room, screaming, bad lighting, and strange people looking at you, the hospital maternity room does not give you that warm fuzzy feeling of, say your yoga studio or the dressing room of your favorite boutique. The Dar-A-Luz maternity dress, from the Spanish phrase “To Give Birth”, adds a level of comfort. Made up of 100% organic cotton it is a far cry from the stiff hospital gown and it comes in Violet and Steel Blue. You’re a fashionista in every other aspect of your life, why not when you are bringing new life into the world too?

The Dar-A-Luz dress isn’t just great for yourself, but makes the ultimate baby shower gift for those new preggers in your life! And comes with a draw-string Daniela Corte bag so it really is the perfect gift. This should be taken as an inside tip soon-to-be dads.

First of all, no dress, no matter how lovely or expensive, could give you comfort when you’re in LABOR.

Second of all, what’s with all the terror-inspiring birth-room phrases? It wasn’t that bad in the hospital I was at. Yes, there were a million strangers, but I didn’t care – I just wanted that baby out of me. They make it sound like they strap you to a table without any pain medication and… dimmed lights, lol. Someone has watched too many horror movies. haha

I think they’re trying to scare the dads into spending money so their wives won’t be so scared.


What are your thoughts on delivery-wear?


7 Responses to Delivery Couture

  • LOL…I had four c-sections (but I did labor with my first baby for eons) and not only did I stay in the hospital gown for the birth, but I stayed in one for the entire three or four say hospital stay! I could not have cared less what I was wearing. I just cared that my baby was wearing something cute! :o)

  • Ha! LOL my thoughts are that as long the gown has a hole for the epidural needle to go through, I couldn’t care less what it looks like!

  • $98 for a piece of fabric that doesn’t close all the way in the back!?!? Give me the ugly gown that’s going to get all messed up anyway :) Maybe if I were rich, and already had everything, and were having another child, then I might go for one of these.

    Thanks for the laugh and for submitting your post!

  • Coming to you via BPOTW. I completely agree. I didn’t give a flying…cat…what I was wearing at that time. Besides, once she was born, she was all I could look at:-)

  • I was so terrified for both of my deliveries (induced for the first and then c-section for my twins) that I could have cared less what I was wearing. When your water breaks (or is broken for you) that lovely floaty fabric that they’re selling will just get plastered to your legs – no different from standard issue hospital gowns.

  • This is obviously for new mothers who actually don’t know what having a baby is really like. It reminds me of when I spent hours making my birthing plan and when the birth actually started I could care less about the plan. On the plan I had wanted candles, meditational music, and ect.

  • How much you wanna bet (after you shell out the big bucks for that delivery gown) that the hospital staff tells you that you cannot wear it, and you end up having to wear the hospital gown instead?! (from BPOTW)

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