Don’t you just love the dentist?

Sarcasm is just oozing from that statement, isn’t it? ;-)

So I went to the dentist this morning – the first time since Emma was born. So over a year. The news was not good, folks. I had three cavities and one of them had progressed enough that it’s likely I’ll need a root canal. How sad is that? I’m sad. It’ll be my first root canal ever and, if I have anything to say about it, my LAST.

I’m ashamed to admit that I’m not a faithful flosser. It’s never been a huge priority in my life, and now I’m feeling it. Especially since I saw how much we’re going to have to PAY out of pocket for this procedure. Are you kidding me? I didn’t even pay that much for my camera! Do you know how many books I could buy with that? I wonder if it would be cheaper to have them pull the tooth and just leave a big hole in my mouth, lol. It would be a good lesson and reminder that if I don’t floss I’ll be toothless by the time I’m 30. *huff*

Too bad I’m too vain. ;-)

Does everyone feel the same shame I feel when you’re lying in that dentist’s chair, having two (maybe three) people peer into your mouth? And not to mention those x-rays. There are NO secrets. Every time you forgot to brush your teeth or floss? Your dentist knows. And now you know. Consequences. Ugh.

I know, I know – I’m getting way too into this, lol. I shouldn’t feel so… embarrassed, I guess. I mean, everyone has cavities at some point in their life. Right?

I’m so not looking forward to having to take Emma to the dentist…

but at least I can try to show her how important flossing and dental hygiene is early.

Speaking of which, she’s cutting another tooth! Bottom right. She isn’t a happy camper about it. So yeah, both of us had dental drama today. Funny.

Okay I’ve got to go now…

*runs off to floss*

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



One Response to Dental Guilt, Faithful Flossing (or NOT), and Shame Shame Shame!

  • I know the feeling…it seems that both times I have gotten pregnant the sweet tooth caused some dental problems for me! Don't worry about what they think though…they see a LOT of people with very bad mouths compared to yours :-)
    Thanks for reminding me…I need to schedule my next cleaning…argh.

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