After posting on the ridiculous Delivery Couture ($98 for a “gown” to wear while birthing your child), I started thinking about birth plans. A little over five months ago I was still pregnant and thinking about these things. I personally was trying to be flexible when it came to a birth plan because I heard that the best thing was to not worry too much and to be ready to go with the flow.

But I still found myself with a miniature plan:

♥ I did buy a special nursing gown (from Motherhood Maternity, and on sale so it was significantly cheaper and not near as… chic, lol… as the $98-dollar one). I planned on wearing it during the birth so I wouldn’t feel like a “patient”.

♥ I bought a yoga ball to hopefully help ease the contractions. I had heard it helped some people…

♥ Our hospital actually had a little jacuzzi in each room and since originally I had wanted a water birth (thank you, Lord that I didn’t do that – boy did I need pain meds!) I planned on spending part of my labor in that jacuzzi.

♥ I planned on using pain medications only as a last resort and not having an epidural if I could possibly help it (but I wasn’t totally against it, just hoping I would be able to tolerate the pain and make it unnecessary).

♥ I did not want to be induced.

So what was the result? I ended up being 10 days past my due date (that was NOT in the plan!), and I was scheduled for an induction. My water broke (well only part of it broke, as I found out later) in the middle of the night – the night BEFORE the day I was scheduled to be induced – and we drove an hour to the hospital with me hoping I wouldn’t have the baby in the car. We got there and I was already in so much pain (and tired) that I let them put the detested hospital gown on me and put me in a bed. I didn’t care one bit about wearing my nice pink nursing gown!

The yoga ball? Never came out of my carefully packed bag. lol I think I had more fun bouncing around on it in the three weeks before I even had the baby than any other time! Plus it did seem to help then, I had trouble just sitting on the floor or on the couch because I was soooo huge.

So anyway, I took one look at the jacuzzi and knew there was no way I was getting in there. Call me a wimp if you want, but I wanted pain medication!

I said yes when they asked if I wanted an epidural right away – and was so glad because I was in labor all night and the next morning and hardly felt anything… till the last three hours or so, then I was feeling some serious pain. Even with the epidural! I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I hadn’t had it…

Now I see why doctors don’t care for that written birth plan, lol. Although some people may be able to stick to their guns, I wasn’t one of those… and I’m still happy with the way it all turned out. I believe God was there through it all. :-)

Husbands. Mine was great through the whole thing and so supportive – he did want me to take pain medication if it was offered. I know he didn’t want to see me in pain. I remember watching “A Baby Story” on TLC and being shocked and horrified when the husband wouldn’t let his wife have pain medication even though she was crying and begging him – just because they had agreed earlier that they wouldn’t do it. And I believe that other women in their family hadn’t used pain medication so there was some pressure there. I know that there can be some risks to it all, and I do respect the women who decide not to use pain meds, but I would hope there could be some flexibility there! Unless of course the wife has told her husband, “Don’t listen to anything I say while I’m in labor!” lol. That’s a possibility, but I sure wouldn’t do that!

So, assuming you are female and have had a baby (lol), what was your birth plan like and did you “stick to your guns”?


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  • ROFL! It’s funny how those plans fly out the window right away! Mine did too. On my first I didnt want meds, (and I was a week late) but then I had back labor for several hours and finally learned that the epidural is my friend. I had it 3 more times with my other 3 babies. I learned to ask for it immediately! I dont know how ladies do without it…I was in serious PAIN! I was also induced twice (supposed to be 3 times but I also went into labor the night before on one of them). I didnt want to wear my own gown, though because I was afraid it’d get ruined with all the…mess. I was right…I went through a few hospital gowns each time. Also, with the first one I didnt want them to take the baby to the nursery…I wanted her with me the whole time. When I couldnt get her to wake up to eat for 4 hours and I was exhausted after 30+ hours of labor and I was sharing a room so hubby couldnt be there…I finally let them take her.

    After my first baby I really didnt make much of a plan with the others…except give me that epidural! Now! And no one will get hurt.

    I cant imagine those husbands refusing to let the wife get pain meds. Makes me want to go smack them! Hard!

  • That was a lovely morning read! I wish I could write my birth plan now, but I have to run to work! :) Fortunately for me, I had everything else planned and my coffee is in its travel mug, the excess in my thermos, my husband is off to work, my son is resting in bed with a cold, the plants are watered and the cats are fed…did I forget anything? Well, either way I’ll be back. *Still shaking my head over anyone spending 98 big ones on a birthing gown. More power to them I guess. :) I am sure they were quite lovely. :)

  • Sunny – Oh yes, I had planned on keeping my daughter with me, too, and originally wanted them to put her right on my chest after she was born. By the time I had been through so much I didn’t care, though. lol Awful. Anyway, it didn’t end up being an option to have her given to me straight away because they had to suck meconium out of her mouth and nose right away. And she did stay with me most of the time, but my husband was there and did ALL of it – there’s no way I could have done it myself! :-)

  • Kalea_Kane: I should check and see if that gown is indestructible or something. There must be SOMETHING special about it besides it looking so … chic. haha

    Oh, I thought of another thing I was worried about… makeup and hair. lol It would be great to be prepared and look great and all but who knows when they’re gonna go into labor unless they have an induction?

    Looking forward to hearing your story!

  • I planned (the first time, anyway) to get the epidural at four centimeters and enjoy the rest of my labor. Yes, I’m sure you can imagine how that worked out! Actually, it didn’t even come close, because before the epidural dude could even get there, I was rushed in for an emergency c-section and had to be knocked out. Sigh.

    Then I thought, well maybe next time will be better. But no. Emergency c-section AGAIN. At least I was awake for that one. I then proceeded to have two more emergency c-sections, at which point I gave up. The only baby that I was able to give birth to naturally was our baby boy that died at seventeen weeks gestation. So, no…no birth plans ever worked out. I am advising my daughters that they are pointless. :o)

  • Just last night I found the journal I started writing to my son Alexander before he was born and during his first four years. Talk about a perfect refresher for my memory!

    Plans: I started very lightly by reading What to Expect When Your Expecting about 15 times. I bought a nursing nightie too (it had a matching pj for the baby), but I didn’t buy it for the hospital. I just didn’t even expect that I could have my own nightie. I did get some soft and squooshy fuzzy slippers, a comfy robe, and a cute littel outfit to take home my son Alex in. I saved the outfit buying for when I saw what sex he was.

    My due date was December 22. I was HUGE by then. In fact, it was an election year, and when I went in to vote, they were concerned that I was going to pop any time and rushed me to the head of the line. I tried to tell them I had a lot of time, but to no avail.

    I didn’t take any birthing classes. I DID watch about 50 or so birthing movies on TLC. I was pretty sure I would have a C-section. It was one of those gut feelings. That isn’t why I didn’t have birthing classes. I was just so busy at first. I was working double shifts as a waitress in Maine and just had no time. In my 7th month I was put on bed rest and moved to Rhode Island to be with family,and drove to my doctor visits in Maine until I could set up a new doctor in Rhode Island. So long story short birthing class just didn’t fit in with all else going on.

    I went in to labor at 2am on December 26. My son had politely allowed me to enjoy Christmas with my family before beginning the torture fest! :) We had very loose plans set up. I was to call my exes parents as soon as I knew I was in labor, they would get him and drive to Rhode Island from Maine. I called them at about 4am, and they arrived at about 7am. OH THE AGONY! At about 10am we drove to the hospital with my mom, and after being examined, I was told I had to go back home as I was only 0.5cm dilated. I was stunned! All that pain, and all I got was half a centimeter! I even told the doctor at Admitting that it really didn’t matter how much I was dilated, because I was going to have a C-section. He just smiled, gave me something to help me rest, and told us to come back later. I was a very unhappy camper, in fact, I was bitter.

    We went back home and my family ate and played cards with the exes family while they waited for things to change. I wrote to my son in my journal and begged him to hurry up. I dozed a little bit as well. By 2 o’clock, I could not take the agony and begged them to take me back to the hospital.

    Was I happy when they told me I could stay! The good cheer barely lasted though, because I was really hurting. I hurt so much I threw up more than once. I asked for an epidural the moment I sat down. They told me we had to wait for the doctor to examine me. At one point, my ex and I were in a room waiting (me in pain with the lovely johnny on) when my mom and his mom popped in giggling. They actually took my picture! I behaved quite like Sean Penn. I am not proud of this, but honestly I DID NOT want pictures taken while I was still very sober and very pained!

    The epidural finally came. I breezed through things for a while and got to watch but not feel contractions. Then the epi wore off and I wigged out. They gave me another. That wore out and they could not give me another. I thought I was going to lose my mind! The doctors agreed to give me another medication that they said was short acting, but that it would work. I said “Not long lasting? No thanks!” But then I signed a paper after another rousing round of pain. Honestly, I do not know what they gave me, but I recall clearly when they did it was like being shot to the moon! When I landed back to earth I told them I would like more of the same.
    This lasted all night and into the next morning, and afternoon. Finally at 4:48pm on December 27 I finally had my son via C-section. My son was too big and I was too small. Things were too stressful on both of us and it was finally worth the insurance cost…I guess.
    I’ll never forget the sound of my son’s first wee cry. I couldn’t see him, because I was so exhausted and drugged up, I couldn’t focus. His father held him for me to see on my right, and I looked to the left. He moved to my left, and I looked to my right. It was comical.

    I did ask to have Alex stay in my room, and as I was breast feeding it was cool with the hospital. He was beautiful and weighed 9 lbs 15 oz and was 21 inches long. I looked like Linda Blair in the Exorcist with my cracked lips (they would not give me fluids or ice chips once they thought C-section might be necessary –hours before the operation), and HUGE boobs. Not that she had huge boobs in the Exorcist.
    It was all worth it, and I would do it again. :)

    Thanks for the great post. Sorry I went on so long. :)

    I do wish the doctors would have listened to me when I walked in the door and said I needed a C section. :)

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