We don’t have cable television – I’ve been a subscriber of Netflix for years now.  Although it gives me access to many TV shows I really like, I never get to see anything until it comes out on DVD… and some shows like Next Food Network Star I don’t get to see at all.  And when it comes to shows like Doctor Who (my FAVORITE)… well, I really wish I could see the episodes as they are being aired!

If you’re considering the pros and cons of getting cable or satellite television, you’ll appreciate this guest post brought to you by Satellite TV Family:

Television is something that is always expanding, as new shows are often created more quickly than old shows can disappear. One of the unfortunate results of this general situation is that basic cable no longer has the capacity to hold all, or even most of the popular shows that are on television. This is one reason why alternative programming provider options, such as Direct TV and Dish Network, have been so successful in recent years, as customers flock to them to experience some of the awesome benefits they offer. There are a couple of main perks that are commonly enjoyed thanks to these satellite programming companies:

1. The first, and probably most significant benefit to an advanced satellite television provider is that you will have access to more channels, and therefore more shows. It is not uncommon, these days, to be reading about a show, or to hear a friend talking about a program, only to find out that your basic cable package does not allow you to view that show or program. With a more expansive channel package, you will be able to gain access to, in all likelihood, more shows than you would ever know what to do with, meaning that you will rarely, if ever, run into a situation in which you can’t watch what you want to.

2. The other main benefit of programming packages from Direct TV is that you gain access to premium channels and packages that go beyond the basic packages of additional channels. For example, depending on which individual package you buy, you can quickly upgrade to have it include premium channels such as HBO or Cinemax, which often show movies and television exclusively shown in only one place. Or, depending on your interests, you may be able to buy specific packages that allow you to better enjoy something that you truly care about – for example, many people upgrade to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows people to watch every single NFL football game, each and every Sunday.

Given these benefits, and others that you can read about at relevant websites, it is hard not to see why a satellite tv package would be a smart choice. While basic cable is ok for people who do not care much about what they watch or how much selection they have, more and more people are growing to appreciate expansive packages and special benefits. Companies like Direct TV and Dish Network offer the very best when it comes to these sorts of extra benefits.

Do You Have Cable or Satellite TV?


2 Responses to Do You Have Cable or Satellite TV?

  • I actually have neither. Sometime in 2004 we decided it wasn’t worth the cost. (It does suck for football and hockey season, but we stream them online and plug into TV) We did Netflix too until their recent price change. I found shows to watch that way, that I wouldn’t have watched otherwise.

  • I do not have cable not at all

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