My mom is so creative…
She uses dominos to create these awesome pendants!

The words used in these pieces come from an old copy of Great Expectations
How cute are these?
She can also make magnets or Christmas ornaments from these… basically whatever you can imagine up. :-)
I requested a picture of my daughter Emma be “fairy-ed” and placed on a domino like this to be used as a Christmas ornament – I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!


7 Responses to Domino Pendants – Vintage Victorian Fairy Children

  • That’s neat. I have to check her shop out. Thanks!

  • That is absolutely adorable!

  • Wow, those are simply awesome! Would love to have one of those! :)

    Hi there! You’re lucky you’re in FL, the weather is always warm. :)

    Here in VA, it is cazy cold! LOL.

    BTW, I am having a Christmas Giveaway Event on Hip Mama’s Place ( Tons of fabulous prizes are in store for the whole family. You’ll love it! :)

    Hope to see you join and help spread the word.

    Thanks! :)

  • What beautiful things!!! THose would make great gifts for Christmas!

  • Wow, those are beautiful. How does she do that?

  • those are beautiful! I’ll check out her site as soon as it’s open. I love Etsy!! Wish I were creative enough to have my own little shop =P

  • I’m in the market for unique Christmas gifts. I’m going to bookmark your mom’s shop!

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