*** If you haven’t watched episode 1 yet don’t read this! ***

Season 3 is here!  Okay, I know Episode 2 just aired but I havent seen it yet and cant until it goes live on  So while everyone else was savoring Downton Abbey and finding out what happened next, I was watching… X-Files.  I know, not really comparable.  But at least it has Gillian in it!

So Episode 1.  Matthew and Mary get married!  And its a good thing, I mean they had a BIG rowl over money (figures,right?) and the marriage was almost called off.  The night before the wedding, mind you.  But thankfully Matthew does the honorable thing (with a little encouragement from Tom) and goes after the girl, letting her know how much she means to him.


*Insert sighs from thousands of women and groans from thousands of men*

That was such a great scene!  If they can just keep fighting like that they’ll be okay.  :)  Mary is a pretty passionate woman and not easy to get along with but definitely the type of person you want on your side. I think he found a good one.  And so did she for sure!  I mean, a guy who doesn’t really care about money or what other people think of him??  Pretty rare.

And then… they’re married!  I almost didn’t even realize it because there is noooo big wedding scene.  Kind of a disappointment there, I would have liked to see it… but I guess we weren’t invited.  ;-)  That’s life!  At least we got to see Mary in her dress.


Tom and Sybil.  Wow, that is something to face, heading home with your bride to her rich family after you practically STOLE her away.  Okay, Sybil definitely had something to do with that, she has a mind of her own.  But still.  I am glad the family is close enough that they can get over their differences and keep the peace (for the most part).  They try, anyway.


The grandmother we’re introduced to for the first time… wooow.  Who knew they had TWO strong-willed grandmothers who speak their mind to contend with?  No wonder there is so much personality in this family.

The Bates.  Such a sad situation – I really really hope that somehow he is exonerated and gets out of prison.  I can’t decide whether there is something really suspicious in how he treated his roommate or if hes just having to be tough to stay safe there.  Anna is sooo faithful, though.  She trusts him implicitly and is determined to work – forever if necessary – as hard as needed to get him out.

Pictures & Photos from Episode #3.1 - IMDb - Mozilla Firefox 1152013 70103 PM.bmp

Three happy couples now, but what about Edith?  In the past I’ve felt annoyance at her selfishness and cruelty to her sister Mary but I felt kind of sorry for her for awhile in this episode.  If she really wants that man that much why not?  I mean everyone else has gotten the man she wanted.  I say let her get married, she needs to be busy anyway!  He seems like a really nice guy, anyway.

The money situation is a BIG part of this episode – it is what caused tension between Matthew and Mary after all.  Big surprise, a couple fighting over money!  I really really loved how Cora treated Robert when he admitted to her that he had lost all of their fortune, too.  She could have acted so selfishly (most women would have!) but she thought of him.  But then he was pretty broken up about it, too… if he had been defensive about it there would have been some problems without a doubt.  These two people are very loving to each other.  :)

That’s all until Episode 2!

My questions for you…

Did you like Mary’s wedding dress?

How do you feel about Edith marrying a man sooo much older than she is?



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