Yep, today is the day the doctors said I would be DUE!  Someone really needs to tell my body to get with it.  I have everything all ready for little Isaac and my body is certainly ready.  I went to my 40-week OB appointment yesterday and was checked, only to discover that I’m about the same as my last appointment – 80% effaced and 2 cm dilated.  I was disappointed but I do realize that those numbers are meaningless when it comes to time.

One thing I did do that I’m not sure yet was a good idea or not was let my doctor strip my membranes.   Oh my word, I had a miserable night last night!  I thought I was going to go into labor for sure, my contractions were STRONG and I was feeling awful.  I had one contraction I couldn’t walk through right before bed so I told my husband that we’d better get to bed and sleep before we had to go in.  Then what happens?  I sleep through the night! Well, I had taken a Unisom to help me sleep because I didn’t want to be waking up every hour if nothing was going to happen… my doctor said it wouldn’t stop labor (I wouldn’t “miss it” – haha) and I figured I could use all the sleep I could get.  But no more action all night.

This morning I’ve had a couple of contractions but nothing to write home about.  Gotta stop thinking about it now or I’ll go crazy, LOL.  And sure, my due date is here… it’s just a date, gotta wait on this baby to be ready for himself.  :)  I did tentatively make a date for induction on the 27th (8 days “overdue”) but I’m fully expecting to go into labor before then.  I’m not really sure I want to be induced so will probably cancel if it comes to that.  I really want to go into labor naturally… even if it means waiting a bit.  Let’s hope I’m not too late, though!

I smile every morning that I wake up and see this sweet bassinet next to my bed – ain’t it pretty?  I can’t wait to put Isaac in it!


7 Responses to Due Date, Schmue Date (40 Weeks Today!) & Isaac’s Bassinet

  • He will be here before you know it. I know these last couple of days are the hardest. {hugs}

  • How exciting! That is my favorite part, the waiting around for the unknown. I know its frustrating though! My doc stripped my membranes too. I just had a ton of contractions like you. I was already 5cm and he just knew it would work..BUT it didn’t. I was induced about a week later. :) My babies refuse to come out if someone doesn’t pop my water-then they fly out!

  • I sure hope you go into labor soon and don’t need the induction! I’ve been induced every time, so I don’t even know what it’s like to go into labor on your own.

    The bassinet looks adorable! Soon it’ll be full of a precious little boy!

  • Praying Isaac comes on his own. Inductions majority of the time lead to cs. That’s what caused my first one. This time we r letting him choose his birth day. And yes that bassinet is adorable

  • It sounds like it is almost time. I love your bassinet :).

  • Hi there,
    Issac will be here before you know it. Babies have their own clock. Wishing you a speedy labor.

  • Can’t wait to meet Isaac! I had my membranes stripped too and it was MISERABLE! I really thought I was going into labor that night too but it took about 4-5 days later before I finally went into labor. Good luck and I’m so excited for you!

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