“Oh NO!!!!”

If you were a fly on the wall at my house, you’d hear me wail these words at least twice a week – maybe three times.  You see, I have a toddler.  And she makes messes.  A LOT of messes, and usually involving massive amounts of cheerio/cracker/bread crumbs.  On my rug.  And since chips and dip is a favorite for both Emma and my husband, there tend to be chip fragments in various places on the rug.  Oh, AND Emma is a mobile eater, meaning that she likes to eat while running around and climbing on the furniture.

A recipe for a constant mess, wouldn’t you agree?

Now if we had an actual dining room with a linoleum or wood floor, this wouldn’t be a problem.  But our house is small and our dining room table is on a rug.  So whether we eat at the table or not there will be crumbs on the rug.  It’s just my lot in life I suppose.

Or it was…

THEN I found out I was going to be reviewing a Dyson DC-31 Animal handheld vacuum. I was thrilled! (I’m a mom – strange things like cleaning products thrill me.) Emma’s perpetual trail of crumbs was the cause for my dragging (panting and mumbling) my big, heavy upright vacuum cleaner out of the closet at least twice a day – and my being huge and pregnant wasn’t making this task any easier.

When I received the Dyson handheld, it was like an angel had dropped it on my doorstep and said, “Here, I bless you with an easier life!”  And it truly IS the best cleaning tool EVER.  And my favorite tool.  Bringing my upright out is a hassle for a small mess of crumbs, and time-consuming to boot.  The Dyson, which resides in my living room in an honorary space on my bookshelf, makes clean-up easier than it’s ever been!

The Dyson DC-31 Animal: Why I love it.

First of all, it’s small and super light – lighter than most handheld vacuum cleaners at only 3.4 pounds.  It also comes with three attachments so that whatever the type of mess and wherever it might be trying to hide (in my couch or between the oven and counter for instance) it is easy to get to and clean up.

Attachment #1 is a debris nozzle that converts to a brush tool for easy dusting of things like keyboards and your computer.  This is the one I use the most right now and I demonstrate how it converts in my video review below.  Attachment #2 makes deep cleaning of rugs a cinch (great for pet hair, small crumbs, etc).  Attachment #3 allows you to reach into deep crevices (like between your oven and refrigerator) to pick up dirt and debris.

The next thing I love: This vacuum is battery-operated!  Yay for no cord hassle!  The battery is powerful and easily charged with the AC/DC power adapter.  It has two power modes, giving you 10 minutes of constant high suction or 6 minutes with 70% higher suction.  A powerful little vacuum cleaner!

The DC-31 Animal picks up an insane amount of dirt and even powder (like cheerio powder) from my rug!  I was pleasantly surprised and took a picture so you could see how thoroughly it did the job.  Gotta love bag-free cleaning!

“Bye bye, dirt!”  (in the words of my 2-year-old)

Another reason to love this vacuum:  It is sooo easy to take apart! I can get to everything easily, I love it!  Here’s the filter (still looks very clean despite all the cleaning I’ve done).  And guess what?  You can wash it! They recommend you wash it once a month.  It filters particles as small as cigarette smoke which I think is amazing.

More awesomeness?  Yes, this motor is quiet!  Even my toddler doesn’t mind helping out and she runs and hides when I vacuum with the upright (not sure why – no, I haven’t ever chased her with the vacuum cleaner).  The motor is digital (no carbon dust), super-efficient, and powerful.  It uses their patented Root Cyclone Technology, meaning it don’t lose suction power as you clean.

Dyson DC-31 Animal Video Review/Demo

Final Thoughts:

This vacuum has honestly made my life SO much easier.  It’s great for super fast mess clean-up!  I can quickly vacuum out the car, and go over all of the corners and edges of furniture and walls without having to drag my upright vacuum and hose with me everywhere.  I LOVE IT!

As far as cons go, I haven’t come across anything I don’t like.  The 10-minute battery life might be considered a con, but it’s just too easy to plug in and charge after using it, and since it takes much less than 10 minutes to clean up quick messes I don’t generally run out of battery before I’m finished (unless I’m having way too much fun and running around the house looking for things to vacuum up).  But since the vacuum is cordless this is also one of its biggest pros.

There is nothing I don’t like about this little machine.   I’m very happy with this vacuum cleaner and recommend it without hesitation!

Buy it!

You can purchase the Dyson DC-31 Animal (especially for homes with animals) for $269.99 at the Dyson website with free shipping and a 2-year parts & labor warranty.  You can also purchase it at Amazon.com (one of my favorite websites to shop at!) for $250.99.

♥ This is a great Christmas gift idea – trust me, I would LOVE to receive it or any Dyson as a gift!  ♥

I would like to thank Dyson for sending me the DC-31 Animal free of charge so that I could share my thoughts and experiences with my readers. This post is 100% my own opinion and experience with the product, and was not edited or reviewed by anyone.  I do not feel obligated to write a positive review – I’ll always share my honest thoughts on products.


33 Responses to The Dyson DC-31 Animal Handheld Vacuum: It’s TRUE LOVE, Folks! {A Mom’s Review}

  • Great review, I need something like this too. We have cats and getting all their hair up is such torture! I also like that you can use it to clean up your keyboard. I would love to get this for review, you got to try out a great product! Thanks for sharing your opinions.

    • I don’t have any pets (yet) but this would be AWESOME for pet hair. It is especially made for pet hair so I know I’m covered when the time comes and I finally bring a furry little bundle of joy home, lol.

  • I would love to have one of these. I have 4 kids, so I always have a messy house until they go to bed!

  • I love the animal, it is the best one that we have tried to date. You did an awesome job reviewing it, great photos and you covered every detail!

  • What a fabulous little machine. Dyson products are very good, or so I hear. I would love to get this under the tree. I am a bit of a household appliance nut too. LOL.

  • Looks like a great vacuum – I’m with you, I’d be happy if Santa brought me this! :)

  • This is an awesome review! I have heard lots of great things about the Dyson brand and this review really makes me wish I had a hand held vacuum like this! It looks long lasting for sure, totally worth the investment!

  • We have a Dyson Animal vacuum and I LOVE it!!! They are seriously THE best! I’ll have to check out some of their other products! Thanks for the great review! This would make a great Christmas gift for my mom!

  • I run a daycare so this would be perfect to have around. Hubby knows a Dyson is way up on my list of things for Christmas, so we will see. This one is super handy!

  • I think one of these would make almost any mom happy! I especially like how easy it is to plug in & charge and that you don’t have to worry about dragging a cord around.

  • Oh my gosh..first let me say that I have never even touched a Dyson. They are like the Holy Grail of vacuums. Second…what a very detailed review. I can tell you really love this product. This product is something I really want to invest in.

    • Thanks! :) When I first received the box I was a little scared to open it just because it was “The Dyson”, LOL. I was in awe! You should go to a store and touch one now, just so you can say you did. haha

  • We have a regular pet vacuum from Dyson. We are loving it! I actually love vacuuming with it lol. My husband is eying the handheld now, and it would be great with having two kids for myself too. One of them loves the Dyson and I end up whacking him in the head with it because he’s following me around and I didn’t know he was right there lol.

    • LOL – This would be perfect for getting your kids to help with cleaning in my opinion. I actually go around looking for messes and crumbs to pick up!

      • I could leave the mess of toys around and just spot clean. LOL although the only time the living room really looks nice is after I vacuum because I pick up everything. I’ll have to tell hubby that I read a review and we must have the handheld now.

  • Oh man. I sooooo wish I could talk the Dyson people into letting me review one of their vacuums! In the almost 14 years my husband and I have been married we’ve gone through 6 vacuum cleaners.

    SIX. And one of those was an Oreck. I’m starting to think no vacuums work anymore. I’d love Dyson to prove me wrong… *wink*

    • I know how you feel – I’ve gone through two in six years. And even if they last longer, they start not sucking up dirt as well or parts break off. Such a pain!

      I hope you’re able to try one out soon! :)

  • Great review! We have a DC-31 (non animal version) and I use it EVERY DAY! My kids are constantly crumbling something all over the floor and I just grab it, suck it up and it’s over. Oh how I heart Dyson!

  • I would LOVE one of these! Love, love, love! Now I know what I want for Christmas!

  • I love that it is so quiet – my daughter still hates the sound of American vacuums since they are so loud!

  • Love that the attachments snap on so easily. Great video!

  • I have the Dyson upright DC25 and LOVE it. But man, I wish I had this one as well – it would be so much easier to yank this one out of the closet for a quick clean up.

    I never thought I’d hear myself type that Dyson is just plain SEXY.

  • WOW! That looks really awesome! This is totally what I need in my household with 2 kids and 3 more daycare kids. Would be perfect!

  • This sounds amazing! I wish I had one!

  • What a great review! Love it! I have a Dyson Animal and I love it! I have been looking into smaller vacuums that can clean up messes because my three little boys are three little piggies that leave crumbs wherever they go, lol! This new Dyson is definitely in the running :D

  • Oh how awesome is this thing? I would absolutely love to have one of those. With four boys, four cats, two ferrets and a dog, anything that would make cleaning easier would indeed be a blessing from above. By the looks of your review, this would be a perfect fit in my home!

  • I love my Dyson upright! I would be thrilled if my DH got me the Dyson Animal Handheld as a gift. Great review!

  • I would love to have a Dyson, My girl is just like yours always on the go ! Oh and don’t forget my Grandson he is in stage where everything has to be dumped. Right now I have only hardwood floors, next year we will be putting in carpet and I really hope that I will be able to afford a Dyson! Great Review

  • with having kids I so need something I can whip out in a quickly moment this looks cool

  • I want one!!! I need one!!!

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