I thought nothing could improve my beloved EA Sports Active Wii game/personal fitness trainer. I absolutely loved it and was very happy with my new-found energy when I would push myself to work out regularly. As the mommy of a very energetic toddler who manages to find mischief to get into 24/7, I needed an outlet. Something besides blogging, which may be fun but doesn’t help at all in the way of maintaining fitness. ;-) EA Sports Active really fit well into my lifestyle – it’s not like I can just run down to the gym whenever I feel like it. I’d have to detach a toddler from my leg and find a babysitter (um, no) or wait for my husband to get home from work (and he is right in the middle of obtaining his bachelor’s, so time is sacred, lol). I hate working out in front of people, anyway. I even close my shades when I work out! Don’t laugh, I live in an apartment that sometimes feels like a fishbowl. ;-)

When the release of EA Sports Active More Workouts was announced, I was very excited. I didn’t know how they could improve on the first program, but I was sure it would be awesome. And I was right! Let’s get down to details…

Why should I buy another EA Sports Active?

Okay, that did cross my mind. Do I really need two workout programs? Well, if you’re like me and need to change your exercise routine often in order to keep it interesting and stay in a routine, you’ll appreciate EA Sports Active More Workouts. Why? Because these are all-new exercises and games! I think that the games are geared more toward the family than even the first release, too – there’s water-skiing, paddle-surfing, aerobics, and squash (lunging tennis-like game) to keep everyone entertained. Another reason to buy? This release has focused abdominal exercises! I truly appreciate this because losing the tummy (and making it stay lost) is not an easy feat. After one set of abdominal exercises, I was really feeling those abdominal muscles that I thought were nonexistent!


As in the first release, EA Sports Active More Workouts lets two people work out side by side! I love this option, since it lets me include my husband. When my daughter is older I anticipate we’ll be doing these exercises together as well (though she already takes part in her own little way, lol).

How it works:

Just like in EA Sports Active, you don the leg strap and follow the fitness trainer in the bottom right-hand screen. Your virtual self (which you can customize) copies you as you do the moves. There are a variety of exercises focused on cardio, strength-training, and fitness, and, not included in the first release, warm up and cool down exercises! I truly appreciate those last two additions – stretching after your workout can be very relaxing and is good for your muscles.


EA Sports Active brought out the best in me with its 30-Day Challenge, their pre-set workout that kept me accountable and lasted 30 days. Now EA Sports Active More Workouts contains a 6-week challenge, a “total-body structured fitness plan that works out all major body parts, adapts to your level of fitness and lets you track your progress week by week.”

My Experience/Thoughts:

Thanks to EA Games, I received a copy of EA Sports Active More Workouts to review. I have to admit that when I used it the first time, I wasn’t too excited. I had thought that it would be like an expansion pack that added the new exercises to my old EA Sports Active program, but that wasn’t so. It’s a completely separate exercise program, though it does import your trophies and goals from EA Sports Active if you have it. I started with the 6-week challenge, Day 1. And I decided that I didn’t like any of those exercises, lol. I was a little bit discouraged and wondered if I would like More Workouts at all. It was not a positive experience – when I look back, I wonder if I was just overtired at the time. After playing around with it for a couple of weeks, I’m of a completely different frame of mind – I love it! I did give up on the 6-week challenge for the present time and I made up my own custom workout that challenges me and contains exercises that target the areas I need to work on like thighs and abdomen. I’ve found that I like exercising a lot more (and therefore go more willingly to my Wii to work out) when I custom-make my workouts. For one thing, I find the arm exercises with the resistance band tedious. It’s not that I don’t need them – it’s that I’d rather work out my arms with Squash/Tennis, Boxing/Sparring, and Push-ups.


Love the ability to make my own custom workouts, love the new warm up/cool down exercises and the aerobics, abdominal, and new boxing/sparring exercises as well as squash and water skiing! I do wish it had all combined into one so that I don’t have to switch back and forth between the two EA Sports Active and EA Sports Active More Workouts discs depending on the exercises I want to do. This is kind of a nitpicky thing that doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things, though! I find that it is very worth owning both programs so that you get maximum effectiveness in your workouts and all of the exercises you could possibly need to stay in shape! Like I said before, having a multitude of choices keeps your workout regime fresh and interesting – you can’t possibly get bored with so many great exercises to choose from! I recommend it!

Ready to Buy?

You can buy EA Sports Active More Workouts at Amazon.com right now!  It normally retails for $39.99 but I’ve seen it as low as $29.99.  If you don’t already have an accessory kit (the leg strap and the resistance band), make sure to grab that, too. :-)

♥ Visit the official EA Sports Active/EA Sports Active More Workouts site to find out more about the 6-week challenge, read reviews, watch videos, and more!

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