There are so many great educational apps for the iPad and iPhone!  I have found myself overwhelmed by the number of apps you can find for your kids to help them with science, history, geography, and pretty much whatever you need.  Seriously, I need more space on my iPad.  I keep having to delete apps to make room for more!

The makers of our favorite learn-to-read game, Reading Eggs, has a series of apps now, and Emma and I were able to try one of their newest phonics apps, Eggy Phonics 1!   Eggy Phonics 1 features 20 levels of play, teaching and reinforcing 100 short vowel words for youngsters ages 3 and up.  Here’s an example of the games Emma has been playing:


There are three levels of difficulty, and you can change the settings as seen below:


You can also add profiles for more than one child and keep track of everyone’s progress in the game easily.
There are reward games as seen below that you’re allowed to play as you make your way through each level.  The more words you learn the more game time you earn.


I like that Eggy Phonics 1 is very easy to work through and that it covers short vowel word families in so many different ways, even including practicing letter formation!  I also appreciate the fact that it is able to be played independently.

Now Emma is 5 and already knew many of these words, especially in the earlier levels.  I could see that she was getting bored when we first started out, mainly because there is quite a bit of repetition; for instance, the “Picture This” game (requiring her to listen to the word “cat” and then find the cat picture in the lineup) had her repeat that activity 5 times in a row.  I wish they mixed up the skill games a little and didn’t have her do the “Picture This” first, then “Spell the Word”, then the rest, etc.  They don’t all require you do the activity 5 times, some require 3 times, others 1 time.  But when your child knows the word well it can be tedious.  What I would love to see is a way for the parent to control exactly what the child has to do, maybe cut out some words they know already.

Despite that, I think this is a great app for reinforcing word recognition and will definitely purchase the upcoming Eggy Phonics 2 and 3 apps that will be released in the future featuring long vowel and harder words.  This app was fun, inexpensive, and covers lots of words I want Emma to know well.

Want It?


You can purchase Eggy Phonics 1 on iTunes for the iPad for only $2.99.

Disclaimer:  I received the app reviewed in this post free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  My affiliate link is included in this post – I appreciate your support!


3 Responses to Eggy Phonics 1 Educational Learn-to-Read iPad App (Our Review)

  • Never heard of this! I don’t have an ipad but might have to try it on the phone ~ I wonder if it is to small to enjoy on the phone?

    • Well, I just checked and I made a mistake – it’s only for the iPad and is not available for the iPhone. Sorry! However, you can get some of the other apps on iPhone – I just loaded “Eggy 100” sight words app to my phone for free. :) There is also the Eggy 250, Eggy Alphabet, Eggy Nursery Rhymes, and Eggy Numbers 1-10 – each for $2.99.

  • That looks like fun!!

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