Emma has done so well lately, and has earned many compliments on her even temper and smiling response to people around her. One lady even teased, “She does cry, right?”

(yes, she does cry – here’s the evidence)

I was told twice today, though, not to expect all my children to be so easy, lol. Makes me a bit nervous about having more because… well, although Emma has been easier than I expected in ways, raising a baby is not easy at all!

Milestones and Quirks:

She’s at a very “grabby” stage – she wants to touch everything (and most likely eat it, too)! I have to make sure the floor is clear of things she shouldn’t have when I put her down because she’ll end up across the room somehow and she’ll be ripping it up, spitting up on it, eating it… you name it! And I don’t know how she manages to get across the room, I know she can’t crawl yet but she’s learned some ground maneuvers that would probably impress the marines. ;-)

She’s been eating rice cereal, but not too regularly yet. She still prefers milk.

Of course she wasn’t really eating this, but it makes for a cute photo! Emma: “What do you mean, I wasn’t eating it?!”

She lifts both her arms up and gives me this longsuffering grimace when she wants to be picked up. I can’t resist, of course.

She picks her pacifier up and puts it in her own mouth (well, she’s been doing that about a month I think) which is so nice because I was getting tired of having to do it myself, lol.

She’s becoming increasingly vocal and “talking” more.

She’s almost sitting up and almost crawling!

SOMEONE who will remain unnamed taught her to suck her toes.

She crosses her legs with her foot on her knee all the time now, it’s so funny!


4 Responses to Emma Update – 5 1/2 months

  • That last pic reminds me of John, for sure. May I name the person who passed on the “foot in the mouth” fashion statement? Her name starts with and L. lol

  • Ho ho ho. :-p

  • Beautiful, my son is 6 months old; that was who was inside me then. My daughter is 21 months old. They keep me smiling and busy. I have also been asked, do they ever cry. Surely they don’t. YES oh YES they do.

  • She is too adorable! I miss that stage. My first baby was not my easy one…we tell her that she was born going ninety miles an hour with her hair on fire (which really makes no sense because she was bald…), and then she started talking and hasn’t stopped yet. My second one was much calmer, though. Thank goodness. They balance each other out rather well. :o)

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