This was the week we finally jumped into school.  I admit I was a little nervous about it, but I didn’t have to be – everything has gone sooo well!  Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory has been awesome so  far.  :)

See this?  It’s a weekly checklist I made up.  Originally I was a little overwhelmed by what each day covered – everything!  Last year we alternated some subjects and only did 4 days a week, so this was a change.  Halfway through the week I realized something.  I am the teacher!  I can alternate subjects when I want to if it’s best for my student.  So out came the black sharpie.  There – take that!


Here’s what we did in each subject this week:

Bible:  We read from an old copy of Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible and memorized Psalm 4:8 this week.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well both Emma and Isaac enjoyed this!  The first day we read it, Emma immediately applied it to herself, telling me that this was a verse that could help her at night when she’s scared, and asking me if we could say it every night before bed.  Well, of course we can!  I’m so touched that God spoke to her through this verse.  And learning it was a blast – those kids love memorizing using hand signs.  Here’s a video of the two of them reciting their verse:

Math:  Emma began Horizons First Grade Math Book 1.  It’s been review and easy stuff this week, so no problems there.  She loves this workbook, I hope it stays that way!


Literature:  We began reading Missionary Stories With the Millers for literature.  We were supposed to choose a biography and Emma has been asking to learn more about people who love God so I knew she would be interested in this book full of true stories of missionaries around the world.  I also love that it has a map of the world with each story location blacked out so we can easily see where each event took place.

We’re also continuing By the Shores of Silver Lake, book 4 in the Little House series.  As always, we both love the adventures of Laura and Mary and their family’s adventures!

Geography:  On day 1, we pulled out a big felt map a friend of mine found for us at Grocery Outlet (I know, what a cool find!) and labeled the continents and oceans.  She used her First Atlas book to make sure she was labeling everything correctly.  Then we listened to a continent song video I found on youtube to help memorize them.  She had them down in one day!

I’m telling you, learning through song is the way to go.  ;)


We continued to practice this over the week.

History:  We read in American Pioneers and Patriots  about a brother and sister who cross the ocean on a ship from Spain to the new world. Emma and I discussed what it must have been like for the kids leaving their homes, staying on a ship for months, being hungry, and surviving a storm.

Then she started her timeline!  You can see it below:


Poetry/Copywork:  We used this week’s poem for handwriting practice.  We started out with copywork, but she needs a little more practice with upper- and lower-case letters so I made her some tracing sheets to start out with.  Her frustration level went waaay down after I did this.  :)  The poem is The Storm by Sara Coleridge and is quite exciting.  Emma really took to it, and absolutely loves reciting it with much gusto and putting together the little laminated poem puzzle I made her.  We also had a little fun with the rhymes and giggled over the poem we made up (lefthand corner – “the potatoes are mashing, the mushrooms are dashing” are our additions).


Spelling/Phonics:  Emma worked in aBeka’s Letters and Sounds and practiced spelling “at” words in her head and on paper for me.  That was day 1.  She got them all the first time and does read at an advanced level so I think we’re going to be going through the spelling lists in Beyond at an accelerated pace.

Science:  We had two hands-on science projects this week.  Whew!  Day 2, as in our history book the kids were sailing off on a ship, we learned about ocean currents.  First we watched this Scholastic Study Jams video on ocean currents (which Emma found a bit boring), then we put origami boats – which we made! – in a rubbermaid tub of water.  She demonstrated how ocean currents work using a dropper under the water to move the boats.


On day 3, we learned about how blubber works to keeps whales, seals, and other animals warm in cold water.  I found the perfect Bill Nye episode for this!  (Note:  I’m not a huge fan of him, but some of his science episodes are great!)  The one on marine mammals covers this well and even featured the same experiment!

We took this one outside (thankfully).  Emma slathered shortening on one hand, then put both hands in cold water.  She kept saying, “This hand is warm, and that one isn’t!  WOW!”


Those two last pictures… that was a BAD idea, folks.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Shortening is not fun to clean up.  ;)  But this child sure enjoyed herself and that experiment was a hit both educationally and entertainment-wise.

I’d say the first week was a success!  We’re already really looking forward to Monday.  :)




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