Another week completed! On Tuesday, I introduced tea time and classical music study.  On Thursday, we went for a nature walk with a wonderfully knowledgeable guide to tell us all about the plants and trees we were seeing along the way.  What a great week!  Seriously, should “school” be this fun?  I say YES!  Here’s what we did for each subject…

Bible:  We memorized Galatians 6:9 this week and continued reading about Elijah and Elisha in Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible.  I’ll try to add a video of the kids saying the verse with hand signs soon!  On Friday, we read the story of Ruth and talked about what faithfulness was and how important it is to do your best when you work.  I loved how the story tied in with the Bible verse this week!

Literature/Narration:  I’m still reading Missionary Stories With the Millers and By the Shores of Silver Lake to Emma for literature.  I also ask for short narrations from her as we read.  Sometimes I ask questions, and other times I encourage her to tell me the events in order.  I think these exercises have helped her to learn to pay attention when I’m reading (there’s nothing more frustrating than finding out she wasn’t paying attention), and many times although she’ll tell me she doesn’t remember anything, if I persist she finds that she does remember.  I believe some of her hesitance to repeat the story back to me in the past has been lack of confidence, but that is slowly subsiding!

Science:  As mentioned above, on Thursday we went on a guided nature walk and had a blast!  The kids were able to ask about plants and bugs they saw along the way and learned quite a bit.  They identified Deadly Nightshade and Stinging Nettle.  The day was wet and looked like it would rain (it had been earlier that morning), so  I almost didn’t go but I’m glad we did!  The wet, marshy land was teeming with life and there were so many great opportunities to learn about the nature around us.  We haven’t added any of the plants we learned about in a nature journal yet, but I would like to get Emma started on that soon.  :)


The science experiment for this week revolved around flying squirrels (a connection to our history reading).  Emma was required to drop two pieces of paper while standing on a chair – one crumpled up and another uncrumpled – and note how quickly each one fell.  She loved this experiment and did it over and over all day.  We also read about flying squirrels in a science book I had lying around, watched two YouTube videos on them, and watched the Wild Kratts episode about gliding lizards and flying squirrels.  By the end of all that she knew exactly why the squirrels were able to glide safely to the ground.

Music/Tea Time:  So was tea time a hit with the kids?  Um, YES!  I thought it would never end.  ;)  We began listening to The Best of Tchaikovsky while dining on dried apples and bananas (which we made ourselves! Yes, I’m patting myself on the back.) and sipping chamomile tea.  I read a bit about the composer and we found his homeland (Russia) on the map.


History:  In history this week we read in American Pioneers and Patriots about a little girl named Sally who lived in Jamestown.  We learned about her daily duties, how the families had to borrow coals if their fires went out, and all about the fort she lived in.  Both kids enjoyed the adventure in which her little brother chases a baby squirrel into the forest and gets lost, and their house catches fire.  Emma thought the assembly line was a genius idea.  : )

Two of my library resources for History this week were On the Mayflower and I sailed on the Mayflower, as well as an animated Christopher Columbus DVD.  I didn’t realize when I requested it that I sailed on the Mayflower was a chapter book so we didn’t end up reading that one, but it looks like a wonderful read for the future!  On the Mayflower is full of photos of what life was like aboard ship from the point of view of both a passenger and the crew – it was the perfect read for this week.  :)  I love our library!


On Wednesday, Emma made a model of Jamestown with legos, complete with a cornfield on one side of the fort and the forest on the other.  We finally brought out the Native American and Jamestown Settlers toobs that have been calling to be played with by the kids since they came in the mail weeks ago.  Those are awesome, and have been a great addition to our history lessons!  (In Beyond, Emma was supposed to draw the map following my verbal instructions, but I thought this would be more fun.)


On Thursday, Emma added the date Jamestown was settled to her history timeline, and we made a quick timeline of one year with each month added so she could understand the passage of time.  We added the family’s birthdays to the proper months of the year, then I explained that our timeline consisted of 100-year increments.

Language/Spelling:  Emma continued to work in Abeka Language 1 and Letters and Sounds, and in spelling practiced short “e” words.  She also read to me from How to Train Your Dragon and the Bible this week.


Math:  In math, she learned place value this week.  She also practiced addition with a number line and number order.  Surprisingly, math is one of her favorite subjects right now!  She pulls it out every day, despite the fact that I hadn’t scheduled math every day.  Of course, I never say no!  I couldn’t leave out Isaac here, he was so proud to be “doing math” as well.  :)

  DSC_0749  DSC_0751

Geography:  Emma practiced labeling the continents on a dry-erase map placemat, and sang the continent song.  I also received the Children’s Activity Atlas for review, and Emma has been glued to it ever since, reading through it then placing the stickers (flags and countries) in the correct places as she goes, then putting a “stamp” in her passport after studying the continent.  I’ll share pictures and more about it in the upcoming review!


Poetry/Copywork:  We didn’t use the scheduled poem this week; instead, I let Emma pick a poem out of one of our poetry books.  She chose one about dragons since that’s what she’s interested in right now.  We didn’t do a lot of memorizing yet, but this is the start of her copywork for the poem:


Here’s the full poem.

That was it for week 2!





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