This is going to be kind of a catch-up post since we took a break from Beyond Little Hearts after my husband left.  We did the basics (math, language, reading) for the most part, but the emotions, then holidays, and sickness mixed in (we had three colds one after another hit us!) really made formal school days impossible.  This week, though, we got back into the swing of things and it felt so good.  :)  So here is what we’ve been up to:

Bible:  Emma memorized Matthew 6:19-21 (Store up your treasures in heaven).  We read the parable of the rich man in Luke 12:13-21 and talked about what the heart of a Christian wants and what we should value the most in life.

Literature/Narration:  We began reading The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, which was such a great choice.  It’s a sweetly written book about five little children and their mother who are very poor and barely are able to survive by taking in mending and odd jobs.  The children work so hard to help their “Mamsie” and make her happy when they can.  I just love this book and the warm family atmosphere.

Hands-On History:  We read in Stories of the Pilgrims and Boys and Girls of Colonial Days for weeks 3 and 4.  The pilgrims left England to go to Holland so that they could be free to worship God and study the Bible for themselves.  Here Emma is working out of her history notebooking pages (and Isaac had to be a part of that, too).

DSC_0023 DSC_0021

My favorite part of hands-on history was when Emma dressed up like a pilgrim girl.  :) I think costumes and acting are a wonderful way to bring history to life!  This original Americans costume came from CostumeDiscounters.com and included the dress, cap, and apron.  Emma just loved that she had these accessories and I appreciated the fact that the apron wasn’t sewn onto the costume (it makes it more real).  I found it to be well-made, not flimsy like Halloween costumes often are, and will certainly purchase from them in the future for our hands-on history needs.  I would like to find a little American Indian costume for Isaac to wear so he can be a part of the acting!  (I received the costume below to review.)

DSC_0018 Pilgrim girl costume

Science:  For week 3, we studied pollination with a science experiment from Beyond, reading a book on pollination from the library, watching Wild Kratts: Flight of the Pollinators and DisneyNature’s Wings of Life.  We also did an experiment on light and watched Bill Nye the Science Guy – Light Optics.  

Week 4, Emma built a dike from the description in the book, Boys and Girls of Colonial Days as a history/science hands-on project.  We also read more about light, and read the story of the little boy who found a leak in the dike and plugged the hole with his finger until help came.

Geography:  Emma learned to use a compass (thanks to a very cool app on my phone) and asked to play the “compass game” over and over.  I wrote down instructions and she had to follow them to find a prize.

Using a ship from the Jamestown Settlers Toob (affiliate link), we traced the path the pilgrims took from England to Holland, then to America.  We did this on a flat map and on a globe, and talked about the people in those days who thought that the world was flat.  She is demonstrating below what would happen to the ship if the world really was flat…


and then on the globe.

Math:  In math, Emma worked in her Horizons book on writing numbers correctly, greater/less than, addition, counting by 5’s, 10’s, and 2’s, and number order.

Language/Spelling:  Emma alternates between aBeka Language and aBeka Letters and Sounds.  She also does copywork (either a poem or scripture) and works on the Beyond spelling word list with activities given in the book and with a Spelling City app.  Last week was short “o” words with a couple tricky ones like “what” and “was” thrown in. I found that Emma does a lot better when writing the words down rather than verbally spelling them to me, so we plan to work on that.

Until next week!   I’m planning on changing up the format of these posts so they aren’t quite so long in the future, showcasing the best of hands-on history and hands-on geography, etc.  I hope that will make them easier to read and write up.  :)




4 Responses to Emma’s First Grade Year – Weeks 3 and 4 (Pilgrim Costume, Pollination, & Hands-On Geography)

  • Sounds like a great back on track start up. In this day and age I think home-schooling is the best choice for Christian families, that or putting them in a Christian school you can trust. Like her Pilgrim girl outfit, very cute.

  • Love it. I hope to weekly post but I’ll be glad to just be healthy for a while first. Love the costume. If you want a girls indian costume I’ll be glad to share my idea of one from my youth soon.

  • You make learning at home look like so much fun! :) We do lots of stuff too but I am terrible at documenting it all! Maybe things will change soon with my posting. *crossing my fingers *

  • I saw that there have been a few visits from you blog. So I hopped over to see who it was and it’s you!! Hope you are doing well and the children are so big. Not seem them in a few years. Emma is so cute in her pilgrim dress. I am glad you are still homeschooling and enjoy your days together. Hugs and prayers, my dear!!!

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