Kindergarten nature notebook journal

We finally broke out the nature notebook and put our first flower in it!  I think this is going to be a science success this school year because Emma really really enjoyed the whole process.

Here’s what we did.  First, I bought this field guide used on Amazon.  LOVE it!


If you’re looking for recommendations, these are great guides – I’ll be buying the trees guide next.  :)

Our nature walk was just around our yard for this first time – we found these growing at the base of our mailboxes:


We looked them up in the field guide…


There they are!


They look a lot like morning glories, don’t they?  But if you look up Morning Glories on Google images they’re all vibrant purples and pinks and blues – and they’re larger.  When you look up Bindweed (wild morning glory) you can see that  they’re white and pink-tinged.  I think these flowers are still pretty, too bad they have such an unromantic name (as Anne would say).  ;-)


Next we brought the field guide and a sample flower inside to paint.  It was kind of hard to reign Emma in as far as colors go so I didn’t try too hard.  ;-)

Nature Journal Notebook Kindergarten

We’re going to keep it simple for now but hopefully we’ll be adding more details and facts about the plants later in the year.  For now this is enough.  :)  There will be other nature journals!

I did check out the entry on Bindweed in the Handbook of Nature Study (free online) and I can see why people love it for studying nature.  It’s charming and story-like in the way it talks about the life around us.  :)

Here’s my picture:


Are you keeping a nature notebook?  I would love to see yours!

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11 Responses to Emma’s First Nature Notebook Entry: Thrilling Bindweed ;-)

  • What a fun nature notebook entry! She did a great job! (Your’s looks nice too ; ) I think it will be so sweet, in a year, to look back at those first drawings! :) And it is a very unromantic name for a flower ~ at least it’s pretty.

    “Look at that. You couldn’t enjoy its loveliness more if you had ropes of diamonds.” ~ Anne Shirley

    • *gasp* You’re a kindred spirit! I knew it! haha :) :)

      I honestly want to make a nature notebook for myself, too. It’s fun! I considered stealing hers and having her use something simpler (like watercolor paper cut up into small squares – or rectangles ;-) – and formed into a book with a hole punch and ribbon) but it felt too mean. haha She was already attached to the nicer expensive one. ;-) Guess I need to get one for me, too!

      • Yes It’s true… my old email handle actually used to be “AnneWithAnE” LOL I have many MANY favorite quotes from those shows! Did you ever watch the very last one where she and Gil actually got married?

        You should get yourself a nature notebook, I thought I might do that too. It makes sense, if we are really interested in it we will be better teachers! And I’m sure you know, but hobby lobby ALWAYS has a 40% off coupon on their website. I have been our sketch books there (the nice ones) for a fairly decent price! :)

        • Ha! The email I made when I was 16 was ladyofshalott. :) Have you read all the books? I absolutely loved them all, especially Anne of the Island. And yes I did watch the last one and I have mixed feelings about that one, lol. I don’t hate it like some people but it was very different from the books.

          Thanks for the tip! I wonder if Michaels has them? I usually get those 40% off coupons.

          • I have mixed feelings about the last one too. It wasn’t nearly as good! Just hearing the “lady of shalott” makes me smile… I think I need to watch those videos again this weekend! :) Yes I’ve read/watched them all!!!

            IDK about Michaels we don’t have one here. I hear they have good coupons though!

  • So pretty! I love seeing the art of children! I can’t wait to see future entries in her art book. :)

  • I love Nature Studies! I will be doing a lot with my kids this year. This is going to be an awesome home school year, I can feel it!

  • Thank you for sharing. This looks like a really neat idea. My daughter Kaya is like a year behind Emma so I feel like I tuck all these nuggets away and save them for later. I might do this with something other than flowers because there aren’t many of them here. At three she isn’t great at drawing, but she’s getting there.

  • I’m not sure why but this web site is loading very slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end?

    I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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