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Sometimes… it doesn’t happen

Sick kids, burnout, a toddler who DEMANDS needs your attention, whatever it is that throws your schedule out of whack, be prepared for times when things don’t go as planned!  I am really happy I didn’t write out all our plans on a calendar because sometimes… life happens.

Using Homeschool Skedtrack has been nice because if we don’t do our schedule for the day it moves everything to the next day automatically.  I print out the schedule for the week, highlight what we get done as we go, and write in alternatives if we end up doing something else.  Yes, the “doing something else” actually happens quite a lot.  At first I hung on tenaciously to my schedule, but then I realized it was okay to deviate.  I am glad to be able to be flexible and do something else for the day if Emma wants to!

That’s probably my biggest “aha!” in beginning Kindergarten with her – I love being able to study earthworms because we found them in the yard and she wants to know all about them rather than what I had planned that day.  Or if she wants to do her Kumon Time book instead of McRuffy, I’ll let her.  And letting go of my plans has been good for both of us – I’m seeing how much more she learns when “set free” so to speak!  For instance, we took a week off of doing reading lessons because she didn’t want to do them, but then she did seven lessons in one day last week!  Crazy, right?  She also did a bunch of pages in a math workbook all on her own.  I was pleasantly surprised and happy.  Because as long as she is learning, that’s all that matters!

And can I say that having a child in the throes of the terrible two’s/threes is QUITE the challenge when trying to homeschool?  Some days it is so hard to do something simple like read Emma a book or help her with a worksheet because of a tantruming little boy.  I am seriously learning some patience here.   And she is, too.

Some of the things we did the last couple weeks:

Worked on learning measurements.  She made muffins, biscuits and helped me with meals often.

DSC_0104 DSC_0101

She followed instructions (some projects with my help and others without) to make things with ZOOBs.



She read, read, read everything she saw.

Reading BOB Sight Words Books

She’s really progressing so quickly in this area!  Super proud of her.  :)

We spent a LOT of time outside.  Because it’s been sunny and we need to be enjoying that while it lasts!  Where I live it rains all Fall and winter.  So when the sun peeps out the kids are squealing, “It’s sunny!  Let’s go outside!”.  Here’s what greeted us one morning…


We insist that is not slime but fairy dust.  ;-)

What?  We don’t have to be scientific all the time.

Emma spent a couple of days looking for earthworms, slugs, and caterpillars in the dirt – that was quite the exciting treasure hunt.  ;-)  We read in The Handbook of Nature Study online about each one, but I found some especially cool information on earthworms in a book I have, Pets in a Jar.  Highly recommend that book!  I bought it used online for a really good price and was surprised at all the great information found within it on small creatures, not just how to keep them alive in a jar for awhile.  :)

[slideshow_deploy id=’22465′]

Here she’s showing off her new earthworm home in a jar.


If you’re interested in doing that, I really really REALLY love this post on making an observation tower!

We’ve been doing a lot of library research on random things and that has been a great help!  Usually things that go along with our reading like what pioneer life was like (On the Banks of Plum Creek) or finding out about bears (The Adventures of Buster Bear).  I also have been looking for good living math books and so far really love one called How Do Octopi Eat Pizza Pie? the best.  Another called Equal Schmequal we plan to read together this week.


How is homeschooling going for your family?

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4 Responses to Emma’s Kindergarten Weeks 5 & 6: When Things Don’t Go As Planned…

  • My daughter loves digging in the dirt finding different bugs. I really need to do a unit on Earth Worms with her as I bet she would love it. Last week we went to the library and my daughter was in the animals section and was grabbing different books that she wanted to read. It was crazy the amount of books she was picking but at the same time I didn’t want to discourage her from learning. So I let her get a pile. I love homeschooling as when you need to be flexible you can. Some days my daughter wants to do a ton of stuff in a row and other days we have to do a little as she isn’t into it. That’s the beauty of homeschooling. It took me a while but it’s how I learned the kids learning style which is exactly what your doing :)

    • Thanks for taking the time to share that, I need the encouragement. :)

      And we JUST went to the library and had the same experience. :) I do try to put a limit on the number of books she chooses because I do have to carry them but I had a verrry bulging bag of books at the end of our trip. lol Plus I’m always on the computer putting holds on recommended books so I had those to carry as well. I love that our library has an online catalog… it’s like shopping online – for free! haha

      I added a couple more things to this post after you commented.

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