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We have been enjoying a mild Kindergarten since I ditched some of the books we had and have been following her lead a little more.  If you want to know specifically what we decided not to use, check out this post (look for “edited to add”).  And now, here’s what we’ve been learning/doing for the past two weeks!


In The Adventures of Buster Bear, Emma learned that these great beasts can actually be as afraid of humans as we are of them!  We also discovered that some squirrels can “fly” or glide from great heights by flattening out their bodies.  Also, not only is it unkind to tease others, but it can be dangerous!  ;-)  (Chatterer the Squirrel was almost made a meal by Buster after he teased him unmercifully, unaware that he would be able to climb the tree he chattered at him from.)

Whenever we have a chance to learn a little more about an animal or a place, we go for it! We used this book and YouTube videos to learn more about bears.

The Complete Collection of Stories and Poems of Winnie the Pooh I have mixed feelings about.  I honestly could do without reading this book aloud, but Emma enjoys the stories so we’re continuing on.

We are loving On the Banks of Plum Creek, of course.  Laura and Mary nearly lost their ma in a runaway wagon accident, and the family decides to get horses for Christmas instead of other presents.  This was a good opportunity to talk about unselfishness and giving during the holidays, even when you don’t always feel like it.  :)

Rose Red and Snow White

We also read and really enjoyed a Rose Red and Snow White fairytale book with some gorgeous illustrations, retold and illustrated by Ruth Sanderson.


We’ve spent some time learning about the pilgrims the last couple of weeks!   We read Life on the Mayflower, Three Young Pilgrims (Fantastic book!), and we began listening to The Legend of Squanto dramatized audio Thanksgiving story from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre (free to listen to online here!).  Also, related to our On the Banks of Plum Creek reading, we read a book that showed through photos how a little girl in the pioneer days lived her day-to-day life.

Thanksgiving books for kids Thanksgiving books for kids


We’ve continued reading The Eskimo Twins and are finding different areas of the world we come across in our readings on the wall map and now the new mini globe I bought from Zulily.  Love this thing!  It’s a swivel and tilt type, it can spin in any direction, and it’s not too big.  :)


Math:  We have done a lot of hands-on activities reinforcing addition and measurements, and worked on number recognition and counting up to 100 and beyond.  In the photo below we graphed weights of various items and talked about different weight measurements.


Science/Nature Study:

We read a book on pollination and watched some documentaries on Netflix.  The kids also love watching Wild Kratts on Netflix Instant, and that has taught them quite a bit about animals like bats and their habitats.  As far as getting outside, we have been sick the last week and it has been raining for two weeks so we haven’t been able to get out much.  We’ve been making the most of our indoor time, though.  :)


Handicrafts/Other Activities:

Emma has done quite a bit of drawing…

DSC_0052We worked on making these no-sew clothespin peg dolls (tutorial on how to make them here!) and a dollhouse together.  She became a pro at measuring the wall space, cutting out the correct size paper/fabric, and gluing it on.  :)  Good skills being learned here!

DSC_0051  Dollhouse from boxes

What was the highlight of your homeschool last week?


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