Confession:  I have lost count of how many weeks we have been homeschooling!  So I won’t be going by week anymore, I guess.  ;-)  It seems pointless anyway, I know we lost some time when we were all sick for two weeks.  Oh well!

Here are the latest highlights of our days!

Literature & Handicrafts:

In On the Banks of Plum Creek, we read about Mary and Laura making Carrie a button string for Christmas.  It’s so sweet how they wanted to make her the most beautiful button string in the world.  :)  It sounded easy so we decided to attempt a button string of our own!  We added jingle bells to ours for sound effect (bet Carrie would have loved that!).  This was a really great handicrafts activity, kind of an introduction to sewing.  It’s not easy for little hands to get that tiny thread through the button holes, but Emma persevered.  :)

DSC_0062   DSC_0059


We put aside any workbooks or lesson plans for handwriting for the time being until we get the formation of letters and pencil grip down better.  We’re using plastic sheet covers over alphabet practice sheets I made with StartWrite (and embellished with princess images I found online) and a very cool sand drawing app I found for free for the Kindle Fire and a stylus.  As far as pencil grip goes, she has to be reminded of the correct grip usually but seems okay with it now, whereas before she was frustrated.  Any recommendations on whether or not I should buy a special rubber pencil grip and if so, which one?



If you have a kindle, I soooo recommend this app!  It simulates drawing in sand really well, and even clears the screen with an ocean wave and sound effects.  She loves practicing her letters with it.




Emma’s reading has definitely progressed over the last month or so.  She takes every opportunity to read, asking me to use my finger to point at the sentences as I read her literature books to her so she can read along, reading instructions to me from the cookbook when we bake, reading signs as we drive, and she even turns the captions on when she watches cartoons on Netflix!  This last one made me laugh.  :)  I love seeing her exuberance for learning to read!

In the photo below she is doing a fun cut-and-paste phonics activity:


She also reads to me often from her beginner bookshelf now.
Here she’s reading A Kiss for Little Bear while building with legos:



We’ve been focusing on counting to 100+ fluently, addition and subtraction, and understanding time.   The library has a wealth of living books on telling time that we have been enjoying!  The book below is Clocks and More Clocks.


I bought the big clock in the picture below at the dollar store!  :)  Love that place.


Brace yourself…


The picture above is what happens when you leave food coloring on the table and your son decides it’s the perfect painting medium… for his skin.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream when I came out of my room (I had been cleaning) to find this.  I opted for laughing and taking a photo.  ;-)

So why was the food coloring out?  Our science experiment required it!  We put a stalk of celery in a cup of water with food coloring in it and observed it over the next 24 hours.  This demonstrates how plants “drink” water.


Very cool, we all loved this.  :)


Nature Study:

I’m saving some of this for a new post, but we did some more mushroom activities and came across a red-breasted sapsucker in our yard one day.  It might possibly be a red-naped sapsucker, not positive on that but I did read that they hybridize occasionally so who knows?  Either way, we looked it up in our Birds of North America Field Guide after taking lots of photos.  Isn’t it lovely?  (I’m really enjoying using my macro lens on my camera…)  More about this fascinating bird later!

red-breasted sapsucker

What was the highlight of your homeschool last week?

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4 Responses to Emma’s Kindergarten Year: Telling Time, The Blue Celery (and Lips) Experiment, & How We Are Practicing Handwriting

  • While we are behind you, in that we are only preschool age, my daughter is not in a school. Last week I finally started doing some things at home. We started the letter of the week with the short A sound. Lots of books and a oriented things.
    I think like you I wouldn’t have know whether to laugh or scream either. Silly boys. Did it wash off easily, or did he resemble a Smurf for a few days?
    And the dollar store always wins!

    • I was googling “How to get food coloring off skin” and I did try a few things, like baking soda. Nothing seemed to work magically so I just let him play in the tub for awhile. It was all gone by the next day thankfully! :)

      How old is your daughter? Isaac turns 3 next month and I am thinking I won’t start that stuff with him until he’s 4. He does recognize some letters but is SO not into sit-down work. haha I have just recently been able to get him to sit still enough to sit through reading a book together! Sometimes. ;-)

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