Another week has passed!  Here’s what we accomplished:

Bible:    In the mornings we read from Egermeier’s Bible Storybook (we’re learning about Moses right now) and practice our memory verse.  Before school started, I made a list of verses that I wanted us to memorize as a family and laminated them – you can see what they look like below.  Sometimes we also listen to The Bible Comes Alive (from Audible) or watch Superbook or What’s in the Bible stories that correspond with what we’re reading.

bible verse memory cards

Math: We continued with McRuffy Math and hands-on math activities.  We practiced graphing and non-standard measurement with car counters, and positive-negative symmetry art (intro to geometry).  See my post on the symmetry art here.


Literature and Reading:  We continued reading The Adventures of Buster Bear, On the Banks of Plum Creek, and Winnie the Pooh.  Emma did really well on narration this week, too!  I’m always amazed at the details she remembers.  :)  We are working through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  I discovered that Emma is a little more excited about the lessons if I pull out the white board and she and I write the words from the book on the board as we go.  We worked on the “ea” sound.  She also used Reading Eggs, and I printed out a book rocket for her – she colors in an area every time she reads a book to me and when the rocket is completely colored she earns a prize.  This has greatly motivated her to put extra effort out to learn to read (sound words out, etc).  :)


Geography and Science:  We’re reading The Eskimo Twins for geography and social studies.  For fun, we watched some YouTube videos on the Inuit and found some really wonderful videos about a boy who learned to build an igloo, catch fish, and walk on the edge of their snowy world.  Then we made some Eskimo Twins paper dolls – I used this Eskimo Boy Template, printed two of them and added braids and eyelashes to one to make it a girl, then laminated them.  The template even has two small dogs just like Menie and Monnie do!  For science, we watched The Tiny Seed being read on YouTube.  I meant to do more this week but a dentist appointment kind of threw our week off.

2013-09-133We did our usual observance of nature outside – plants, trees, and bugs.  Here are the kids looking at a long-legged spider through the magnifying creature peeper.


How was your week?
Feel free to leave a link the comments so I can come visit!  :)


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10 Responses to Emma’s Kindergarten Year: Week 2 Wrap-Up

  • Where did you find the reading rocket? I really need to do something motivational like that!

    And what is it with white boards? LOL They really are exciting for 5 year olds! My life has been so much easier since I got one ~ I was lucky enough to find ours on craigslist for a steal and it has been one of the best things I have purchased!

    I LOVE The Tiny Seed! So much fun! :)

  • Great job! Love their happy little faces:)

  • It looks like a fun week. It is amazing how little things make it fun and easy for the kids like using a white board for reading. Your verse cards look nice.

  • Looks like you guys are having a GREAT time! I love the symmetry project! We did a family read a thon to motivate my girl to read. The winner was able to pick dessert :)

    • That’s a great idea! I was thinking a trip to the dollar store to pick out something but I know what’s going to happen to it.. lol. Toys break quickly from there. A dessert out would be a fun memory, too. I still remember as a child doing a reading program at our library and earning free pan pizzas from Pizza Hut. :)

      • you can still earn those pan pizza’s from pizza hut if you want too. :)

        I remember a huge jar of m&ms in the principals office. When we read a certain number of books we were able to grab a handful of m&ms from the jar. It was awesome then, thinking about it with mommy eyes makes me wonder how many grubby hands made their way into the jar.

  • Love your learning style and space! That lesson on Intuits is cool! Seems like a lot of great learning going on! We have that same bug observer and love it!

  • I love reading your updates – you must be having so much fun with it!

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