We completed our third week!

I’m learning…

That it’s okay to change things up as we go, be a little adventurous, go with Emma’s interests.  I haven’t been trying to do everything I had planned in one sitting – sometimes we do our readings at night or various times of the day.  Some days she asks me if we can do school a different day and make it a “play day”.  I usually give her the morning to play when that happens and sneak some reading or a fun project in later.  Usually I can convince her to get started with the promise of a special reward after we finish.  In general, though, she’s still loving school and tells me that she really wants to learn.  :)

Oh, and although I have workboxes set up by subject we aren’t really using them.  I think later on they will be useful as she is working more independently, but for now I usually set all of her books out on the table for her to choose from.  I think it helps get her excited about what I have in store for her.  :)

Emma is Learning…

In Science/Nature Study, we focused on seeds.  We found as many seeds as we could outside (including seeds from trees), talked about the things we eat that have seeds (apples, oranges, etc), watched The Magic School Bus Goes to Seed, labeled the parts of a plant, and read Little Flower Folks, a living botany book.  So highly recommend that book, and am thrilled that it’s free!!! In one chapter, we learned all how acorns turn into Oak trees, what happens to them after the fall from a tree, and how both Oak and Chestnut trees are useful just by listening in on a conversation between an acorn and a chestnut.  :)  Below you’ll also see a photo of a very tiny slug she found – she was so fascinated with that little guy, and my was he trying to impress her with his acrobatics!  ;-)  We also practiced our Nature Study researching skills (more on that later!).


In math, Emma began learning the names and values of coins.  Most of this was play but I did make a small chart for her to fill in herself.  There’s a lot to teach just by setting coins out on the table and playing with your child, sharing facts as you go.  :)  We began lesson one of Life of Fred: Apples just for fun.  She enjoyed the story but we didn’t have a chance to do the questions yet.


In McRuffy Math, Emma used a number line for the first time.  In the photo, she’s learning “greater” and “lesser” and following instructions.  2013-09-181

We made our own clay (because we were out of play-doh) and I had her cut fractions from pretend “pancakes”.

We continued reading On the Banks of Plum Creek and Emma tried washing her own clothes outside with a bucket and bar of soap, then hanging them to dry.  She LOVED this and begged me to let her wash her own clothes every day, rain or snow!  It was so cute watching her take so much satisfaction in her work.  :)


We also read The Little House (recommend AO read for Year 0) and continued reading The Adventures of Buster Bear and Winnie the Pooh.

Our other subjects went well.  She’s making progress in reading using Reading Eggs and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy LessonsFor Geography, We continued reading about the Eskimo Twins, watched a video on the Arctic, and I checked out some books on the Inuit at the library.

Our library is such a wonderful resource!  They have many living books, and the library catalog is huge – I can request books from other branches and they”ll send them to mine so I can pick it up here.  Needless to say, I’ve been perusing the library catalog often.  :)

How was your week?
Feel free to leave a link the comments so I can come visit!  :)


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7 Responses to Emma’s Kindergarten Year: Week 3 (Money Play, Seeds, & More)

  • It looks like you had a really fun week :) I love the little house books, they are great.

  • A priceless approach to home learning! Nature learning and living books — ahhhhh! Taking apart the plant looks like an exciting way to learn.

    Happy Homeschooling!

  • Looks like a pretty fun week. What is a living book? I have never heard of that before. Oir library brings books in from other branches in the county too, I love it. Using clay or play-doh is a really cool idea for fractions. Very visual, I like it.

  • I love all the photos! And, I especially love looking at how other people do Math! I have my 2nd daughter doing K right now :)

  • I love all the photos too! What fun to wash your own clothes. I love the play-doh fraction pancakes too!

  • I should TOTALLY make my boys wash their own clothes outside in a bucket!!!!! Love it! :) Glad you got to use Life of Fred! We actually had to stop the lessons because they advanced SO fast and moved SO quickly!

    We do school all day too! Actually, most of our reading on the reading lists is broken up before nap time and bed time so really our schedule is spread out through the entire day! As long as I can check it off at the end of day/week then I feel satisfied!

    Looks like you are doing a wonderful job!

    • Yeah, I think LOF might be better for next year for us, too. I got it for a really good deal so I figured I would try it. :) On the positive side, she asked me to please read MORE after lesson one so she liked it! Maybe we’ll just read through it and not try to do the questions too thoroughly. We can always read it again. :)

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