One month in!  Wow, that went by fast!

I’m learning…

This is going to sound somewhat familiar, but I’m learning to relax when life happens and we don’t get what I had planned done!  Two days of not crossing off much of what was on the schedule for that day.  But you know what?  Putting together these end-of-the-week posts has really helped me to see just how much we’re learning despite that!  I didn’t think I would have much to share this week but I do!  Some weeks just look a little more like unschooling/interest-led days than others.  :)  Our priorities when it doesn’t look like the day will be structured at all are her reading lessons and getting our literature readings done, and we can usually do that.  So despite the fact that we supposedly only did two days of “school” this week, we did much more than that.  :)

I. Love. Teaching. My. Kids. At. Home.  ♥

Morning Basket - Kindergarten Plans

Also, since we stopped using workboxes the way I had planned to (see how plans fly out the window once you actually get started?) I put Emma’s books for the day in a basket.  She loves to see it all in one place and be able to choose the next book on her own!

Emma is Learning…

To go along with our Eskimo Twins reading for Geography, I found these wonderful books at the library!


I just had to share the illustrations, they’re truly beautiful!

From The Giant Bear, an old Inuit folk tale about giant polar bears.

From Immi’s Gift, about a little Inuit girl who finds treasures in the ocean under the ice to decorate her igloo with.  At the end of the story, we discover that a little boy on a beach across the ocean has been dropping the colorful treasures into the water!  Super cute story and loved the illustrations.


Jan Brett’s The Three Snow Bearsan Eskimo version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  :)

We also made little igloos out of ice cream bowl cones, frosting, and marshmallows.  This could have gone better.  :-p  But the kids sure enjoyed it!  Especially the eating part.  I think if you used marshmallow creme and mini marshmallows it would work out better – our problem was that our marshmallows were sticking together and we had to tear them into smaller pieces.  Oh well!  :)

Igloo Craft - Ice Cream Bowl + Frosting + Marshmallows

In McRuffy Math, we practiced tracing numbers, identifying shapes and creating patterns, and continued with greater/lesser.


We also counted by 5’s, 10’s, and 2’s and practiced addition/subtraction and other math concepts using the Learning Resources Ten-Frame Treasures set (review and giveaway coming up very soon!).


Instead of a reading lesson one day we played Pop for Word Families.  This has been sooo helpful for learning to read words and rhyme.  We have our own way of playing:  I write down some random letters on a dry-erase board and she places the word ending popcorn piece at the end of each letter, reading the words.  We talk about whether or not it is a real word and what it means.  This game is so worth buying!  And if you keep an eye on Amazon, it will go on sale again and you’ll be able to get it very cheap – this one cost us $6.98 shipped!


We do enjoy word building.  :)  Here we added an “r” to make the word “draw”.  She figured that out herself!


In science/nature study, Emma found a lone foxtail in our yard to add to her nature journal (thanks to grandma for telling her what a foxtail was – it stuck! :), and she used a really cool human body app we got for free to compare with her interactive human body book.  This was an activity she initiated herself!  By the way, love that app.  She can feed the girl and watch where the food goes, brush food away from teeth, look at different body systems, and much more!


In literature, we’re still loving all our readings!  Here are some fun My First Little House books I brought home from the library.  The illustrations are really helpful in seeing what life looked like back then.  :)

Some fun extras:  Emma loves driving over bridges.  She asked me how bridges were made the other day, so we went to our old trusty YouTube and found a video!  Now this video is a little silly at times, and she informed that she is way too old for the talking balloon.  Pardon me, little miss.  ;-)  Then she proceeded to get excited about the photo of the balloons at the end of the video.  I asked her, “Wait, I thought you were too old for balloons?”  She looked at me like I wasn’t listening too well and said, “Mom, I’m too old for talking balloons, not regular balloons.”  :-p  She makes me laugh.  But hey, she learned about bridges.  I was surprised How It’s Made didn’t have an episode on bridges!  Sad.

And have you seen DisneyNature: Oceans?  That is a really beautifully made movie!  The entire time we watched it, Emma was yelling, “WOW!” or “MOM, you have to SEE THIS!”.  Yeah, she loves documentaries.  But this one is definitely fascinating.  DisneyNature really does a wonderful job – I would love to see all of them!

How was your week?
Feel free to leave a link the comments so I can come visit!  :)


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3 Responses to Emma’s Kindergarten Year: Week 4 (Inuit Study, Igloo Fail, & Reading Games)

  • Looks like a great a week. I love the illustrations in the books you shared. I also want to get some of those younger Little House on the Prairie Books.

  • Kindergarten (at school) is taken up with learning to stand in line and the teacher keeping order, which isn’t an easy task. The loud rowdy kids get all the attention and the ones that are quiet or already trained by their parents fall through the cracks. I was there, as a quiet, polite child, and as a teacher.
    You get plenty done, in fact, what you are doing is fantastic! Keep up the great work:)

  • Hi, Lindsey!

    You guys did quite a bit. I love the igloos!!! My daughters love “The Little House” books, too.
    And let me just say, your daughter’s glasses are too cute! My oldest girl wears glasses and she LOVES colors. . . she’s had pink, purple, and even a pair with specs of orange!

    Thanks for visiting my corner of the blog world. Hope to talk to you soon.

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