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It felt sooo good to get back into our regular school days after the holiday craziness!  Besides the getting-the-house-back-to-normal kind of stuff, we all ended up getting the flu.  Bleh.  So the month of December was pretty tiring.  But our first week back to school went well, and even Emma was glad to be doing it again.

Bible:   We started reading Leading Little Ones to God in the morning, and we read the scriptures that go along with each chapter.  We didn’t do any memorizing this week unfortunately, but next week we will do some review and start a new weekly verse.  She really enjoys scripture memorization, and Isaac has started taking part in that as well.  :)  We also watched some of the Beginner’s Bible animated series on youtube since it’s now available on Roku 3 – YAY!

Literature:  We finished Winnie the Pooh and began reading The House on Pooh Corner this week.  As time goes on, it seems we both are growing to love these books.  They are definitely different from the cartoons we have seen in the past in that there is more silly, witty dialogue that will make the adult reading the book smile.  I have also enjoyed seeing the very different personalities of each character develop – Pooh with his slow-but-not-stupid way of thinking, Rabbit being a bit of a control freak, Piglet’s anxious but caring nature, Owl’s love of hearing himself talk, and Eyeore determined to look on the opposite of the bright side at all times.  A. A. Milne must have had a great sense of humor.  Oh and one thing in the book they never did add to the movies – Rabbit always had a gaggle of “friends and relations” trailing behind him.  SO funny!  (Thanks, Teaching 2 Stinkers, for getting me thinking about this with your Facebook Post!)

We also read The Twelve Dancing Princesses from one of my Grimm’s Fairy Tales collections, and watched The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat and The Ugly Duckling being read out loud on Amazon Instant.  I was pretty excited about finding the series of classics being read out loud by famous people on there!

Math:  We continued McRuffy Kindergarten Math lessons, focusing on addition and subtraction, following instructions to make shapes and images with pattern blocks, learning the difference between left and right (which she pretty much already had down), and solving math problems using a number line.  We also read two living math books about telling time, Mouse Tells the Time and What Time is It?.  Oh, and we reinforced counting by 5’s, which she already knew!  I guess the Rock n’ Learn: Telling Time DVD I borrowed from the library really helped!


Reading & Handwriting:  We are still using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons to teach reading and letter formation practice.  The book tells us which letters to write and I put those letters in a plastic sleeve so she can write on it with a  dry-erase marker.  We’re still working on keeping the letters in the lines, but I haven’t pushed that too much yet since I think it’s important she gets the letter formation down first.  I also had her write post-holiday thank-you letters for handwriting this week.  There is a really great traceable stationery download from Creative Mamma available for free that we used for this.


Some days we do a lesson from Teach Your Child, and other days I let her read beginner readers out loud.  This is pretty special since we go to the library weekly so she can pick out new readers.  I also have some Richard Scarry level 1 and 2 readers I received to review so we read those.  She amazes me by knowing more words every time she reads out loud – she read both books without a problem, only needing my help reading one or two names she hadn’t seen before.  Our only struggle here is that sometimes she wants to keep guessing a word she doesn’t know, not wanting to take the time to sound it out.  But from what I’ve heard from other parents that is pretty normal.  And she can sound words out so it’s not a problem with ability.  We’ll just keep on!


This was kind of a light week and since everyone is still a little sniffly I didn’t get us outside for nature study or do much in the way of science.  We did read about plants and roots in Little Flower Folks but that was it.  Next week we’ll try to do more, and I want to start doing art appreciation again, too.

Isaac’s Preschool:

Woo hoo!  Isaac is finally able to sit and work at a task for more than 25 seconds!  ;-)  This week he asked for school to do, too.  Huge moment in time for us, folks.


So while Emma worked on her math he… stacked pattern blocks.  Guess he’s a rebel.  But he did follow some pattern cards I gave him later.  :-)

He also shocked me by proudly following my instructions on a worksheet instead of scribbling whatever he wanted!  There’s hope!


How did your back-to-school week go?

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9 Responses to Emma’s Kindergarten Year: Thoughts on Winnie the Pooh Readings, Using Roku’s YouTube Channel, & Isaac Takes Part This Week!

  • Looks like you guys have had a great week. I love using the pattern blocks with my daughter. I have some patterns I have printed out on paper that I let her figure out the shapes that go into the pattern. Sounds like Emma is doing really well in reading.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Stacie! Those pattern blocks are awesome. :) I actually just bought some new ones in an Educents deal because our Melissa and Doug pattern blocks (which are wood) were peeling and not looking too good anymore. lol Turns out plastic is better than wood, who knew? They aren’t magnetic, but they work perfectly for the pattern cards that came with the M&D set. :) I’ll have to see what types of patterns are available online, maybe I can find some vehicles that my son would be interested in completing! Thanks for the idea!

  • Ha! Love the Winnie the Pooh analysis! Google their “issues” and it really makes for a great laugh! :) I guess I need to research Roku… I don’t even know what that is! We have the “guessing” issue on words too, and that is one thing regarding CM methods that I have to constantly check myself on… not allowing them guess. Apparently it’s part of habit training! Oops! I was just reading something about that on the SCM site… oh how much I have to learn still! That is wonderful that she is reading so much though!

    I hope you guys are starting to feel better! The flu is rampant here right now, but so far we’ve dodged it! I’m hoping it stays that way, because I know with sickness, it knocks you out of the “school” game for a while!

    • I’m going to have to do that! :)

      Roku is another way to connect to Netflix instant, Amazon instant, etc. And it has extra channels like PBS (that’s how I watch Downton Abbey episodes!) and PBS Kids. We used the Wii for awhile, then a Blu-Ray player that allowed us to connect (that finally broke), but like the Roku the best.

      I hope you guys stay away from the flu because this one is lingering. :p My husband had it about a month ago and still has a dry cough every once in awhile. It’s a pain! Isaac had it a week ago and today is the first day we haven’t had to deal with blowing his nose every two minutes. Time to wash everything in the house he came in contact with again! haha

  • BTW: What are you doing for art appreciation?? I have been SUPER light on that so far this year.

    • For now we’re going to be reading “Come Look With Me”, a picture book full of famous paintings and with questions to ask the children to get them to really think about it. I also want to try some different art mediums and let Emma attempt to copy some famous paintings. I have seen that on Pinterest and think it’s such a great idea! We might not do too much of that until next year, though. At the beginning of the year I was planning on putting a new laminated art print on the refrigerator every week for the kids to look at but I didn’t keep it up so the first painting of the year is still there. LOL Oops.

  • you guys are doing so good,,even the little one looks like he is having fun an learning tooo

  • I really enjoyed reading your blog about your children and learning atmosphere. I have two children as well, that attend a Winnie the Pooh Preschool. One of my children will be attending Kindergarten next year. I am very excited to work with my children as you do with yours. I am currently a stay at home mother and volunteer my time at my children’s school. I have the opportunity to experience learning and projects with them at school and home. I am glad I was able to read your blog and can relate your experiences with mine.

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