So look at what my friend Margaret from Creative Madness made for my lil’ girl! It was such a pleasant surprise! :-) Thank you, MJ! ♥

(I put that type on there to blot out our last name)

Ain’t she cute? She’s getting so inquisitive nowadays! There is something new happening every day it seems… the latest new and fun discoveries have been:

♥ Learning to dance (more like a happy happy jerking motion, but oh so cute!)
Saying mama (usually it’s being screamed from the other room if she wants me – I have mixed feelings about that one… why couldn’t she have learned “daddy” first?)
♥ Eating more and more and more “real people” food, lol. Not even close to being weaned yet, though.
♥ Discovering that there is a whole new world in the kitchen cupboards… and she’s capable of getting into it all by herself! Oh horror.

Yeah, keeping tabs on this little girl is getting to be quite a chore. She’s such a little busybody – she never stops! It’s great fun, though, I must admit. Challenging but she’s definitely the best thing in our lives. :-) Thank you, God, for our baby!



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