Miss Emma in her new sweater… I found it for $5 at Target and it’s sooo nice and soft.

Methinks she likes it!

No really! She does! She just hates the hood. ;-)

She’s SO my daughter. Loves the camera. I grew out of that, though. *sigh*

Look at that grin. :-) TOOTHFUL I might add.

Here she is trying to tell me something – probably wants more crackers.
And if you click on this picture and enlarge it, you’ll see her first TEETH on the bottom!

Jump up and down with me, will ya? MY BABY HAS TEETH!!!!!!!!!

And now – I wanted you to see Miss Emma’s extreme fascination, delight, entrancement (is that a word? well, she’s entranced.) with the Signing Time DVDs, which I borrowed from the library. Never heard of Signing Time? It’s a totally wonderful set of DVDs that teach you and your child to sign together. I’m so excited about it, and after seeing Emma’s response I’m sold. Okay, so she hasn’t exactly signed with me yet, but we’ve learned two signs that I use a lot – “food, eat” (putting your fingers to your mouth), and “more” (putting the fingers of both hands together). I use these signs and the words every meal and I’ve seen a huge decrease in her frustration – she’s a lot calmer. There is less throwing herself around and crying because she realizes I understand she wants more.

So here is a video of her sitting in her walker, watching Signing Times, Vol 1. (I also do one-on-one with her during the DVD but at this point I needed to get some stuff done and she loves it, so… )



3 Responses to Emma’s Sweater Drama, and Signing Time Love

  • I’ve never tried those DVDs with my 16mo son, and given that he’s hardly talking yet, maybe it’s not too late to start? Prior to now, I’ve used the PBS show Super Why to subdue him when I need a few minutes of “hands free” time. :)

  • mma has teeth! YAY! Oh, Lindsey! I am just so glad. to read that she is getting on the other side of teething, bless her heart! I love her sweater! So cute! I think the Signing Times DVD sounds wonderful. I wish they had that when my son was a wee one. :) At least he had Raffi. :)

  • Your daughter is darling! She looks like she really likes her new sweater. I miss my daughters being so little. Enjoy. It goes by so fast. :(

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