So a few weeks ago Emma and I went on a nature study hunt in our yard.  I was specifically looking for butterfly chrysalis’ in the bushes around our house, and came across this fascinating cocoon.  At first I thought it was a chrysalis but upon google-ing “white chrysalis” or “white cocoon” didn’t see anything similar… this made me wonder if it was going to hatch thousands of baby spiders or something (I saw a spider on it, that’s why it entered my mind).  Warily, I put it in a jar.  This one didn’t come inside like the caterpillar – I kept it outside… just in case.


Back inside the house, I did a little more searching and found something that looked similar – a praying mantis egg case!  I’m not 100% sure this is what it is, but it looks awfully similar to me.  Praying mantis egg cases are glued completely to the branches, are a white color, and have the strange scale-like look you see in my photos.

Behold, Our Future!

praying mantis nymphsPhoto credit

praying mantis nymph


As an aside… can you believe my iPhone took the first two pictures in this post?  I NEVER get good pictures with that thing!  I have found that the app Camera+ really helps in taking better photos.

I am so excited!!!!!!

Now… how to explain to Emma that we can’t keep them all.


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