I love babywearing.  There’s nothing more calming (for mommy and baby) than being able to carry your little one around with you.  When they are tiny, you can look down at that little face and enjoy the closeness.  Isaac likes to tilt his head back and smile up at me with the sweetest, happiest little grin I’ve ever seen on a baby’s face.  I just love wearing my baby!

I’ve been able to try quite a few different types of carriers including slings, front carriers, hip carriers, and wraps.  It seems that each carrier has its strengths and weaknesses, but what matters most to me is comfort.  My first carrier was an inexpensive one purchased at Target.  I wore it twice and vowed never to do so again – babywearing was definitely not my favorite thing to do back then.  Oh, the pain!  Once your baby gets past a certain weight (like 15 pounds I think), you have to be very choosy about your carrier – both which one you choose and how you wear it.

ERGObaby Sport Baby Carrier Review

Over the past couple months I’ve had the opportunity (thanks to ERGObaby) to try out one of their ERGObaby Sport Baby Carriers and their Infant Insert (a soft quilted insert that you put inside the carrier to support newborns and babies up to 5 months).

I was attracted to the Sport Baby Carrier because:

1.  It can be worn in front, back, or hip position.
2.  You can wear your child from newborn to 45 pounds!
3.  It includes a removable hood for baby.
4.  It’s cooler and lighter than many of the other ERGObaby carriers.
5.  The shoulder straps and waist belt are lined with foam for comfort.
6.  I love the way it looks.

The first test run…

I took a 2 1/2-hour walk the first time I strapped this baby on, loaded my two-month-old son Isaac into the infant insert, and headed outside pushing my 3-year-old daughter in a jogging stroller.

Putting the carrier on by yourself isn’t too hard but it does take a bit of practice.  I found that the best way for me to do that is to buckle the snap at the top of the straps first, then buckle the straps around your waist, then put baby inside.  However, that’s not how the ERGObaby videos demonstrate it being done.  ;-)  They buckle the waist straps, hold the baby to chest, then pull the straps over shoulders and buckle (the straps are loose and they tighten it after it’s on).  It’s definitely a challenge getting to the straps behind my neck if I don’t buckle them before I buckle the waist straps, though.  Having help is a plus, but if you don’t have someone to help you can still get it done on your own… it’ll just take practice to get it done quickly.

Loading Isaac into the carrier in the ERGObaby Infant Insert was a breeze.  You put the baby inside the insert first and then load both into the carrier at once.  Once I had him settled, I was impressed at how comfortable it was.  Isaac put up a fuss at first but calmed right down, and I couldn’t blame him – that infant insert is so soft and cushy, there’s no way he couldn’t be happy!  It’s all very secure and soft and warm, a great environment for an infant.

Here’s a video demonstrating how to use the insert:

Back to my 2 1/2-hour walk.  First of all, the carrier was obviously awesome or I wouldn’t have been able to keep walking (and pushing my daughter in a stroller) for that long.  I am so impressed with how nicely this carrier does over long periods of time – it truly is ERGOnomically correct.  Isaac slept through the whole outing (something he will not do in a sling) and I wasn’t the least bit sore afterwards!  Now that’s comfort.

I did start feeling a little sweaty and warm after that long, but that’s to be expected (plus I was wearing a hoodie).  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I have felt in other carriers, though.  I’m happy that I chose the Sport version because it’s lighter than the other ERGObaby carriers, too.  Walking while carrying a baby really can get sticky and sweaty and uncomfortable, and this carrier is designed to keep you more comfortable.  It actually has spaces where air can flow through so you and your baby don’t overheat!

The built-in hood is great!  It’s attached to the front of the carrier inside a small pocket and is easy to just whip out when the sun is getting in the baby’s eyes or you’re surprised by rain (or if baby just wants to sleep undisturbed).  It has elastic on the sides so that it can stretch, and stays secure by hooking onto the shoulder straps.  It’s very useful!

The only difference between this carrier and some of the others is the fact that it doesn’t have any pockets.  I don’t find this to be a disadvantage since I don’t use pockets anyway and wouldn’t know what to put in them, though.  The Sport carrier is designed to be more lightweight and streamlined – more the choice for an avid walker than for a hiker.

Final Thoughts:

This is by far my favorite baby carrier (and I’ve tried quite a few!), mainly because it doesn’t make my shoulders hurt and because it’s so cushy to wear.  Seriously, even after 2 hours of walking my shoulders didn’t hurt!  My feet did, but not my back or shoulders or neck.  Awesome.  I literally forgot I was carrying a baby!  The fact that it can be used in the front or back carrier position and carries up to 45 pounds makes it a top pick, too.  I really love this carrier and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to all the mommies I know!

Buy It!

If you’re thinking about buying an ERGObaby carrier, I think you’ll find this carrier comparison chart very helpful!  The ERGObaby Sport Carrier like mine retails for $115.00 and comes in blue, black, and red.  :)  Order one here from ERGObaby or check it out on Amazon.com.

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