I really want some fingerless gloves. Nice ones. I’ve already attempted to crochet myself some and I’m on my third and LAST attempt now, lol. It’s harder than I thought it would be! If I don’t like the ones I’m crocheting now, that’s it – I’m going to Target! ;-)

But wait! *lightbulb bursts into flame above my head* I forgot about Etsy!

Taking you along on my Etsy search for the perfect fingerless gloves (click on the pictures to go to the shops):

Corpseknit (I love love love these!)


dlKnits (Opposite colors, cool and funky!)

clfbyclairelafaye (I love all her gloves!)

(Did anyone else notice that Bella from Twilight the movie had cut a hole in her sleeves so that she could wear them as fingerless gloves? My sister does that but I haven’t yet – seems like my sleeves are never long enough. Note to self: Buy sweaters with longer sleeves. ;-)


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