I’ve wanted to get Emma a nice step stool ever since she was able to walk, but just hadn’t found the perfect one yet.  Why are these things impossible to find in-store?  Or, if you go to a specialty store they can be so overpriced, it’s frustrating!

I completely forgot about the great selection you can find at CSN Stores’ 200+ online specialty stores, or I would have had one long before this.  After about an hour of browsing (it takes me forever), I came across the Guidecraft Safari Storage Stool and fell in love!  I chose something gender-neutral since I’m having a boy next and want him to feel comfortable using it after my daughter.  I think these jungle animals fit the bill perfectly, don’t you?  And Guidecraft is a well-known and trusted brand, so I knew that this was a great choice.  There are also eight positive reviews at the website which made me even more confident.

Ordering & Assembly

I always receive my CSN orders quickly and this one was no exception – within a week I had the box full of parts sitting in my living room and ready to be assembled.

I considered waiting for my husband to come home and batting my eyelashes at him with a request that he put it together, but Emma and I just couldn’t wait!  So I set out to put it together myself.  I found the instructions easy to follow and everything I needed to put it together was included in the packet with the exception of a screwdriver – and everyone has one of those, right?  :)  I hope you do, anyway!

Extensive Testing (by my 2-year-old)

Before long, we had our reward – and Emma was beyond thrilled.  First of all, she really enjoyed “helping” me put it together.  And then once we finished she explored its possibilities with delight.  She sat on it like a chair.  She took the two steps and jumped off.  She stored her stuffed animal inside the storage compartment.

But it’s when I showed her that she could reach things she couldn’t before that she really fell in love with her stool.  And it created a bit of a monster in her, too.  LOL  We store it in the bathroom (and it really brightens it up, by the way!) and every day and night she washes her hands and brushes her teeth all by herself.

If you have ever had a child 2 years old you’ll know just how much this independence means to them.

I also plan on using this stool to aid in potty training – having her feet on something stable like this stool is going to be a big help!

Final Thoughts

I was really impressed with the quality of this stool – it’s made completely of wood with the exception for the inside of the compartment, is very stable, doesn’t slide around on the floor, and the details and painting of the jungle animals is even more intricate than I had expected.

Each animal appears to be slightly carved into the stool, making them 3-D.  The stool is too heavy for Emma to carry around herself but I don’t mind, knowing that it is so well-made.  And if it were too light it wouldn’t be as stable.  We can’t recommend the Guidecraft brand and purchasing from CSN’s allchildrensfurniture.com more!  I’m so happy with my experience ordering from there.  :)

Want One?

You can purchase the Guidecraft Safari Stool here for $46.20.  And don’t forget to check out all of the step stools – they have a great selection and price range!

In case you want to help support me and my blog, feel free to shop through my affiliate link!

I would like to thank CSN Stores for providing me with the stool reviewed above (through a CSN gift code) in order that I might give you a thorough review. This post is 100% my own opinion, thoughts, and experiences, and was not edited or reviewed by anyone.  I do not feel obligated to write a positive review – I’ll always share my honest thoughts on products and companies.


13 Responses to Every Toddler Should Have a Step Stool!

  • The is a cool looking step stool. We have one in the bathroom for Shae but it is a boring blue, LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  • I agree, every child should have a stool! I love how the jungle animals look like they pop out.

  • I love this!! You’re right-stools can give little ones a sense of independence they never knew before. It’s good that it’s sturdy too-so many things these days worry me-especially when you have little ones climbing all over them.

  • What a cute little stool! That’s a good idea, too. I remember when I was little and everything seemed so high up, LOL. I love shopping at CSN!

  • I didn’t realize that they sold step stools! We had one that broke on us about a month ago, and I’ve been having to hold my boys up to the sink. This one is so cute and looks really sturdy. Emma looks adorable on it!

  • I too agree. Step stools in the bathroom are so much more safer than standing on the toilet trying to reach

    That one is super cute. CSN has some great products

  • That is one of the cutest step stools I have seen. We have a couple for my little guy, but they are plain.

  • I love CSN, and this stool is awesome! I think it’s the perfect one for little man!

  • This stepstool rocks!! It is sooo cute. I am going to go order one from them right now.

  • What a cute step stool. We really need something strong and durable like this

  • That is a cute little stepstool! My niece would love it! I love CSN!

  • That is adorable! I love the step stool!

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