Grace Schmidt is the owner of Knee High to a Shoofly and extremely talented creator of these beautiful fabric growth charts for children! This is one of the coolest interviews I’ve done – Grace is awesome! Read on, you won’t be sorry. :-)

InTeRvIeW TiMe!

Hi Grace! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?

Three words that describe me are “busy, busy, and busy!” I have two businesses (Knee High and a faux finish/mural business – I take care of a messy, foreign midget full time (that’s my 18 month old toddler – he doesn’t speak much English yet), and am working on recording my first solo Christian album (mostly cover songs, but may include my first original). I am my home’s tyrant – I cook and clean (sometimes), and every Wednesday we open our home for a Bible Fellowship. In my “spare time” (yeah, right) I am always reading or working on one of my dozen and a half projects like repainting a room in our house or cleaning out the garage. I’m a do-it-yourself-er and I like to make everything from scratch. Did I mention my fabulous husband yet?! He’s the love of my life: the one my soul loves. He works full time downtown Chicago, taking the train to and from daily, and is gone 12 hours of each day. : ( We’ve been married five years, and just this year re-wrote our vows. Love is a decision, ladies. Decide to love and your emotions will follow.

I agree! :-) Your growth charts are works of art and just too cute! Tell us how you got started selling your growth charts and what inspired you?

A good friend of mine has a little girl the same age as my boy. For her first birthday I wanted to do something special… and Gloria the Giraffe was my idea. That same weekend blossomed into a conceptual explosion of about a dozen designs. (Since then I have come up with several dozen more – just begging to make it into my schedule.) I went out and bought $200 worth of fabrics before the weekend was over and stayed up until 2 AM making my first growth chart! Gabe-a-saur was the first one actually made. Since then, I’ve completed my first 10 designs and have bought enough fabric combinations to keep a small town busy for a year!

That is amazing! What are your plans for the future with Knee High To A Shoofly?

Although I’ve had offers to be put in touch with folks who do mass productions overseas, my real intent is to keep it local and keep it handmade. I never want to become so industrialized that I become a business woman and no longer an artisan. And, to me, being an artisan requires “hands-on” for satisfaction at the end of the day. I have a goal to put out two new designs per season (Winter, you may not happen! Although I have some cute design ideas!) and also to hook up with some boutiques (local or not) who would like to carry my items. Feel free to contact me with the name of a boutique in your area, or give them my info! I would love the referrals!

Tell us one little-known or interesting fact about you. :-)

Well, I sew barefoot. There you go. : )

Haha, thanks Grace! That was awesome, and you are such a fun person to get to know! You really should have a blog, you know…

Keep an eye on my blog, folks – Grace and I have a special treat (hint: giveaway) coming SOON! You won’t want to miss it. Trust me. ;-)

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