I’m planning to get more personal here at Kindred Spirit Mommy, so in honor of my resolution to share more of ourselves, here’s a random day-in-the-life for you!



6:30 a.m.  –  I awaken to a little girl standing next to my bed.  She wants to crawl into bed with me.  I don’t usually let this happen because once she’s in bed with me she NEVER sleeps – she lies there chattering away, asking me questions, wiggling, singing, too excited at the prospect of being in her parents’ bed to sleep.  But I’m not awake yet and don’t want her to wake up her brother on her way back to bed so I let her come in with me.

She doesn’t sleep.  Big surprise.

6:50 a.m.  –   I hear the pitter patter of little feet and suddenly Isaac is there.  “You forgot me!” to Jaedyn.  Soooo hilarious.  I let them cuddle with me for a few minutes.

7:00 a.m. –  “You need to get in your own beds now, okay?  When Mr. Bunny wakes up you can get up.”  Lots of sad faces but they go.  I lay there for a minute and then decide I’d better get up and have my quiet time while I can.

7:10 a.m.  –  I’m armed with coffee and am ready to dive into my Pleasing God study, which is amazing by the way.  :)  I recommend it!  I’m interrupted by the kids opening the door and I tell them they can stay in their room with the light on playing or reading until Mr. Bunny wakes up (at 7:30).  I’m interrupted every 5 minutes by someone wanting to show me their lego creation or ______ {insert any excuse that can be thought up by two very awake children} ______.

I really need to work on getting up earlier, which is no easy feat considering I’m a night owl.

7:30 a.m.  –  The kids burst out of their room yelling, “Mr. Bunny is awake!  He’s awake!” which means that they’re free.  I sigh and close my Bible app on my phone and my study books.  It’s okay, I still feel blessed by what I was able to take in.  I’ll try to do a little more later.  The kids are begging for pancakes, and I usually go for simpler fare at breakfast but I did promise them I would make them pancakes last night.  I let Emma make the pancakes for the most part by herself, which fills her with such delight I can’t even tell you.  Moments like these I’m holding close.  :)   Even if I am not quite awake and it takes twice as long as usual.  ;-)

8:00 a.m.  –   The pancakes are made, milk provided, a little bit of discipline had to be meted out to Isaac who wouldn’t stop whining for his milk and he wanted it RIGHT NOW despite the fact that I was busy.  Kids think waiting a few minutes is an eternity, don’t they?  Oh well, they’ll learn patience.  A time out usually works for breaking the whining cycle.  Everyone eats their breakfast and I feel pretty good knowing they’ve had a healthy, filling breakfast to start the day out with.

8:30 a.m.  –  I take a shower.  I usually try to do this earlier but breakfast came first this time.  Generous, aren’t I?  ;-)  I’m not in the shower for more than 3 minutes before Isaac is screaming bloody murder – his sister accidentally shut the door on his fingers.  Why do these things ALWAYS happen when you’re naked?  Thankfully Emma jumps right in, holding his hand and kissing it, then she runs to find a washcloth, soaks it in cold water, and puts it on Isaac’s fingers.  Quick thinking, girl!  She knows how to handle this because just a week before she had caught her fingers in the front door and that’s what I did for her.  By the time I’m done showering Isaac is back to his old self and doesn’t even remember he got hurt.


9-10 a.m. – I put on my makeup (just mascara usually), blow dry my hair, and start this post while the kids draw at the table, Isaac taking a break at some point to zoom his matchbox cars around the living room floor. Then I decide that it would be a good idea to get my grocery shopping done this morning since I didn’t have a chance to do it last Saturday.

10 to 10:45 a.m. – I get the kitchen cleaned up from breakfast and it takes me this long to get the kids cleaned up, dressed, and ready for shopping. Isaac is very whiny this morning and so that holds us up.

10:50 a.m. – We all head out to the car to go shopping and what do I find?  My husband (okay, and I) forgot to put Emma’s booster seat back in the car and has it in his car at work so we can’t go anywhere.

Count to 10…

When they realize there’s no shopping trip in store for us, Emma immediately bursts into tears and Isaac is whining, “But we need to go SHOPPING!”  Their outbursts are exactly what is happening inside my head but I’m an adult and not allowed to throw a tantrum… how unfair! ;-)

I tell both kids that sometimes our plans don’t work out the way we thought they would and we can’t cry every time something doesn’t go right. They accept that pretty readily and then I suggest that we take a walk instead since were all dressed up for nothing.  Immediate smiles.  There is a small stream of water within walking distance that we visit sometimes and although it usually is pretty dead (i.e. very low) we recently had a rain that has it flowing. The sun is out, too! We are pleasantly surprised to find a pair of beautiful ducks waddling in the mud and water, finding lots of yummy things apparently. We sit quietly for awhile and watch, and it gives me a chance to share a few things that I know about ducks. So hey, we had an educational nature walk! :)

11:45 a.m. – The kids are sad when we have to go inside, but I tell them if it’s still sunny later we can go outside again.  We have to take advantage of these sunny days while we can!  I start lunch (tuna sandwiches and carrots) while the kids watch Classic Sesame Street on Netflix. I don’t remember loving that show growing up but its really not bad on the educational side for younger kids. I don’t understand how or why they pick their guest stars and Elmo is pretty annoying but gotta love Big Bird and Grouch, right? Oh, and the Cookie Monster. (I remember trying eating cookies like that when I was a kid, but it didn’t work out so well.)


1:00 p.m. – Lunch is eaten and I clean up the kitchen. Isaac interrupts me while I’m cleaning with, “But mommy, I want YOU!”   Hugs, kisses. Definitely coming up on naptime…

1:30 p.m. – I make muffins and watch an old movie on Amazon Instant while I’m at work.  Baking is my way of de-stressing.  And these are GOOD muffins. I got the recipe out of a Christmas book and they have ginger, molasses, and lots of yummy spices in them. Yay for having muffins to eat for breakfast tomorrow! I don’t want to make pancakes everyday. ;) While I’m working on this Isaac is playing with a puzzle and Emma is completing a sight word worksheet. Let it be noted that I did not give this to her, she was so bored she found it and asked if she could do it!  This is why I started her on school early. :-p

2:30 p.m. – Naptime! I rest and take a short nap, too. I don’t always do this but I’ve been getting over being sick so am extra tired.  Isaac naps in his room and Emma rests on the couch – I have to keep those two separated during naptime or they will end up chatting back and forth the entire time, nobody sleeps!

3:30 p.m. – Emma wakes me up with a tap on the shoulder. We get up and hear Isaac chattering away to no one in his room. Emma pokes her head in and teases him and he hops out of bed crying, Its time to go outside, mom! These kids have really good memories when they want to, don’t they?

3:45 to 5:00 p.m. –  I sit outside typing up more of this post while the kids play. This is rather therapeutic, you know. I actually have more to say about my days then I thought! And I know I missed some good tidbits just because I cant remember exactly what Emma or Isaac said to me.  But there are lots of smiles and laughter over my two goofballs who never pass up an opportunity to make me or each other smile. While I sit here Isaac is rolling around in the grass and purposefully leaping and falling (future stunt double?) while Emma plays in water.

DSC_0036 copy-001


Later I am making Teriyaki broccoli and chicken stir fry with rice (all marinated and ready to go). The kids will squeal excitedly when their daddy comes home from work. We’ll probably all sit at the table during dinner, John will take a short nap if he can (he gets up at 4:30 a.m. for work every morning, he deserves one more than I do!), we’ll watch something light like Dick Van Dyke or I Love Lucy together. I’ll read a Bible story and a book each of the kids choose to them, then Emma will recite her memory verse to daddy. It’ll be toothbrushing time then I’ll tuck them in, pray with them, and try to extricate myself from the wily Emma who has about 25 questions to ask before I finally close their bedroom door for the night.

This wasn’t a school day and obviously a regular school day would go a little differently. We have a schedule on the wall that guides our days from morning to nighttime and it’s worked out really well.  As far as school goes, I’m taking it lightly until we start kindergarten with Emma this Fall.  :)

Do you have a day in the life post on your blog?  I would love to read it!




5 Responses to Find Out What a Typical Day in the Life For Us is Like!

  • Sounds like a fun day! I love how you were calm with the kids about the change in schedule and look how the Lord blessed with another activity. I need to get up earlier to do my devotions but with a baby still not sleeping through the night I would rather lay there. I do love early morning time spent with the Lord. It just makes the day go so much smoother and makes life’s challenges more bearble. Right now I am doing a devotion by Elizabeth George A Woman Who Reflects the Heart of Jesus. I’ll have to check out Pleasing God when we are done our study =).

    • So true, these are good lessons for kids (and mommies, ha) to learn. :)

      Oh it was much harder for me to get my personal time in when Isaac wasn’t sleeping through the night… I totally understand! But it’s so worth doing, it really does bless me in so many ways – and I’m sure my family is blessed by my better attitude and more peaceful demeanor, too. lol

      It’s been awhile since I’ve done an Elizabeth George study but love her! I also recommend Beth Moore – I enjoy and am blessed from her studies so much that I bought all of them available and am working through them slowly.

    • And thank you so much for taking the time to comment! :)

      • Anytime! I really enjoy reading and following your blog. I have read one of Beth Moore’s books Praying God’s Word and man ohh man what a life changer that was! BTW I found it interesting and a blessing that last night my baby slept through the night and I was able to get up to do early morning devotions before the other 4 kids got up =). What a blessing that was!

        • Hey, sometimes we forget we can pray for that, too! “Lord, some quiet time in the morning so I can get some Bible/prayer time in would be woooonderful…” :-) He cares!

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