I’ve been planning and prepping for beginning “preschool” with Emma (she turns 3 next month!) for awhile now, doing research online and trying to find something that will make it fun for both of us.  I’ve found the COOLEST resources, my favorites being from here.

I’ve been kind of putting off officially starting, thinking I needed to be more prepared… but yesterday I finally just jumped in – printed off some activities, called Emma to the table, and we were OFF!

(I had fun cutting stuff out and preparing it)

We started out with a Preschool Transportation Pack, a PDF of printable activities centered around a transportation theme, and Emma LOVED it!

First she practiced her scissor skills… (this was her first time)

Then we identified all the different types of transportation.  She knew most of them but the helicopter was new to her.  And I was surprised that she knew what a taxi was!  Who taught her that?  LOL

Next I cut each square out and she matched them up.  I think next we’ll try a memory game with them!

One of my favorite activities is this number train.  We practiced number sequencing.  :)

She looks so serious in all of these pictures!  She is a focused child, that’s all I can say.  I know she loved it!

I want to focus on the alphabet as well as numbers so I got out the Do-a-Dot Markers (they’re awesome!) and asked Emma to dot all of the big A’s one color and the little A’s another color.  I was so proud when she did it!  I think part of it is seeing that she can follow instructions so well (when she wants to, ha).

We also started memorizing a short verse and I gave her a coloring page that corresponded with it.  She hasn’t actually said it with me yet but hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have a nice start.

We worked on the dining room table and Isaac joined us.  He sat in that Bumbo the entire time and watched everything without crying – it was awesome!
I wish every day could be like that.  :)

I’m really looking forward to every day’s preschool activities now.  It’s just too much fun – both for me and Emma!  There are a lot of activities and I’m excited about seeing Emma learn.  She was so ready for this.  :)




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