I know, I know, it’s been way too long since my last Fitness Friday post. I haven’t been doing too great with that lately, at least not when it comes to Wii fitness. I have been walking regularly with the baby in her stroller since the weather got nicer, though, so I haven’t totally given up on fitness. ;-)

For today’s Fitness Friday I’m going to talk about a brand new Wii fitness program releasing May 19 – EA Sports Active! This is something I am totally completely jumping-up-and-down excited over because I was one of the 500 bloggers chosen to participate in the EA Sports Active 30-day challenge. This means that they’re sending me EA Sports Active and wanting me to blog about it and share my opinions on the game and progress with you all. I’m excited excited excited!

The awesome Julie Maloney of Wii Mommies and Momspective was able to go to the EA Sports Active Retreat with 12 select people and she’s really the one who got me excited about this. She’s one of my favorite people ANYWAY because she inspired me to get a Wii Fit and get exercising after my daughter was born. You can read about some of her experiences with EA Sports Active and follow her 30-day challenge here.

And watch this video to see what EA Sports Active is all about:

Aren’t you excited? I knew you would be!

I’ll share more as soon as I get this in the mail – I expect to be re-inspired to get fitter!

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



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