This Fitness Friday post is going to contain a confession. Not a fitness-related confession exactly, but if you really want one of those I’ll include one at the end of this post. ;-)

My confession is that I watch Judge Judy and People’s Court. LOL I don’t know if I don’t have enough drama in my life or what (that’s SO not true), but I really like trying to figure out who is going to win, who is going to mess up their whole case by admitting something stupid, who is going to get yelled at for being an idiot. One thing I know. I would never go on one of those shows. lol I don’t like getting yelled at, thank you very much.

So why am I confessing this? Well, yesterday I watched People’s Court and there was this guy on there, a personal trainer dude who is known for his “brutal” treatment of his trainees. He was arrogant and appeared to have had one too many Starbucks that day (If I remember right, the judge told him to cut down on the caffeine, or something to that effect). He was being sued because he didn’t want to give a woman her money back – anyway, the case isn’t what caught my attention. It was the fact that he has really intense workouts and a “unique” way of inspiring women to lose weight…

First, when this woman that was suing him wasn’t losing weight fast enough (he said she was lying about how many calories she ate or something), he started sending her humiliating emails saying she would look fat and horrible next to her successful husband. I honestly can’t remember the exact words, but they were demeaning, definitely not something that would motivate me to get exercising – I mean, I’m hard on myself already! I don’t need someone telling me something like that. lol

The other thing was that he apparently throws cupcakes at his “females” (his words – the judge cocked an eyebrow at that, haha) – I’m not sure what the reasoning behind that is. I think it would make me hungry, not motivate me to diet.

He lost his case, by the way. And as he left, he said, “It was a female ambush. I said that justice was not blind and I bet the judge was a chubby under those robes.”

Nice guy.

(I didn’t make this stuff up! Check out the Denver Post if you dare.)

Now the reason I’m sharing all this? I have a new appreciation for my personal trainer on the Wii Fit. Don’t you? She will NEVER throw cupcakes at you, and although I know sometimes she tells me “You’re doing grrreat” just to keep me going and not because I really AM doing great, at least she’s nice about it.

So at one of the last Wii Mommies twitter parties, I dubbed my trainer “Cruella” (well, she did “yell” at me one time when stepped off the board in the middle of an exercise). But I’ve decided that she needs a new, nicer name. I would like to introduce you to my trainer:


Okay… oh great, what if that name sticks? lol Well it can’t, I would be hungry every time I worked out. Bad bad bad.

So I’m gonna start calling her Jane because I love Jane Austen. If her name changes again you know it’ll be because she finally got on my nerves again. ;-) I might have to have someone remind me that I should be happy she doesn’t throw cupcakes at me.

Oh, my fitness-related confession!

Okay, okay, I confess… I confess that I don’t always let it “log” my weight if I’ve gained. Ohhh, that hurts. Bad, bad, bad me! But I do have good reasoning behind that – if it’s a different time of day it doesn’t count, right? Right? Because we fluctuate… oh my excuses. ;-)

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Have you named your trainer?

Do you have a fitness-related confession? (Come on, I did it! It’s liberating! Truly!)



6 Responses to Fitness Friday ♥ Trainers, Confessions, and Judge Judy

  • ok…so you might want to moderate your posts as you have 5 spam type.

    Anyways…what a trainer! Holy crap… I would have to bring a pie and throw it at him! My only confession really is that the wii fit is the only fitness right now I am motivated enough to do!

  • I don’t have a Wii so I don’t have anything to say about that topic. But I had to get in on what a jerk that trainer guy is. Nothing he did would motivate me to do anything but possibly cry.

  • Oh I love watching Judge Judy. I wish I could watch her more because it is always funny.

    I have not named my trainer. I actually have to confess that the only time I’ve brought out the Wii Fit in the past 3 weeks was for my weekly weigh in. Not too good.

  • I wanna’ Wii fit!! I didn’t know you get a little personal trainer in there! What fun. I also think I may break down and buy myself a scale (for the first time in my life) as I’m so anxious to lose my baby-weight. Do you think hubby would go for this as just a really, fancy-smancy, scale? “Honey, I’m just going to go to the store to buy a scale. See ya’ in a bit.” :-)

    And, yes, throwing cupcakes at me would do nothing but stop my work-out while I go eat them all. I love cupcakes! What a moron that guy is.

  • Can’t stop laughing…your post made my day!! I never thought of naming my Trainer.Your right a food name might not be a good motivator. Maybe Twiggy would be good….Although she constantly says things like: That doesn’t appear to be your strong suit, maybe you can try that later, lets move on, keep trying your get it. I tend to not here the Your Great to often. The name I choose will have to make me want to come back to her every day. You Got any suggestions for me? leave it at me FF on my -ready2getfit- blog.

  • I hate that guy! He should be strung up in his cage and……ok, i’d better stop now. lol.

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