Fitness Friday again already? Wow!

I want to say here and now that although this is written for the Wii Fit Mommies group, I’m not excluding those of you who don’t have the Wii Fit! Feel free to jump in, please!

Well, this is probably going to be a short one for me because I got sick (UTI, ugh) in the beginning of the week and didn’t do a lot of Wii Fit. I did do some yoga and some hula hoop, about 15 minutes total a day from Wednesday on. It’s really kind of funny… last Fitness Friday I said my goal was to do 30 minutes a day and that on good days I could do an hour. I think I jinxed myself! lol Be careful what you blog about, friends. I’ve done this before, too – I said once that my daughter was sleeping wonderfully through the night and THAT VERY NIGHT she kept me up till about 3 a.m. *sigh*

I said last week I would show you guys what my Mii looks like – well, there she (er, mii) is! Now I would like to know, who do you have in you Mii queue? I have me, my husband, my best friend (who got snowed in with us a few weeks back and so did Wii Fit every day with me), and my parents. My parents have their own Wii now (I’m such a good saleswoman!). Oh, and I made one of my daughter, who is only eight months old and bald. But I put hair on her in hopes that she would grow hair someday. ;-) I’ve heard of people making celebrities (there’s actually a site somewhere with directions on how to do celebrities) and even the president! It’s funny because the other Miis end up participating in ways – for instance, in Wii Fit my husband’s mii will be throwing hula hoops or running with me while I’m exercising. Imagine going for a run with the president! haha

So I want to talk about my favorite Wii Fit exercise category. One that I’ve never had a particular fondness for in the past. Yoga! I love how relaxing yet effective it is. I really don’t realize how weak I am until I try to do an exercise that seems simple such as the half-moon pose (see video below). And boy, I am WEAK! It’s more my upper half probably, and related partly to giving birth eight months ago and partly to lazy living.

Speaking of lazy living, I’ve made a new resolution since reading this 5 Minutes for Mom post about healthy living and diet. It leads to an old 2006 post in which Janice shares her meal ideas and food staples with us. Apparently she eats a lot of healthy wraps… as soon as I saw what her wraps looked like and what they contained, I knew I had to give it a try. There’s nothing boring about them, look at this one:

Okay, I know it’s totally not fair to be making you hungry while you’re reading a Fitness Friday post, but doesn’t it look good? Talk about a fabulous healthy meal idea! She adds things such as rotisserie chicken (she’s my hero, she buys those and doesn’t feel guilty! lol), mozzerella cheese, avocado, peppers (well, I might forgo those), spinach and baby greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, cranberries (that’s a new one, bet it’s good!), and low-fat ranch dressing. I need to go shopping now. ;-) I would love to know, what are your healthy (or just easy) meal ideas?

Well, think I’ll sign off now. I know my Fitness Friday posts have been long so far and I don’t want them to be too overwhelmingly wordy. :-) Plus, if I’m always on my computer blogging, how am I going to find time to exercise? Hmmm, fodder for a new post, methinks.

God bless and happy exercising, whether on the Wii Fit or not!

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5 Responses to Fitness Friday!

  • Great post, and I hear you there. I have had a sinus infection for 3 months and have to have surgery, so I can honestly say if it wasn’t for all of you in the forum, I’d be slacking hard core. If you have your Wii connected to the internet via the wireless connection, you can go to the Mii plaza and download Mii’s from your Wii. I have Obama, jack Black, Spiderman, Elmo, you name it. I love it because they’re all sitting in the audience watching me when I do the step dance game or run. HA!

  • My kids have created Miis for all their favorite book characters – everyone from Harry Potter and also the Percy Jackson series. And then they’ve put in some REALLY random people, like Santa Clause and Simon Cowell and even Einstein. My kids are hilarious with that. And can I just say, I think your Mii is adorable!!

  • I am sorry you got sick, but you keep at it girl! Your are doing well!

    Just gave you an award on my blog go claim it:

  • You like the tightrope walking? Are you crazy? LOL I hate that one, keep falling off and I swear I do it right! LOL

    Thanks for the encouragement and I know we can do it so keep it up.

    I have both of my daughters and myself as Miis and my parents used to have Miis but don’t know. Been too long since they used it so I deleted. Oops…

  • I love these Fitness Fridays. Keeps us accountable to ourselves. : ) Hope you’re doing better. Am glad you were able to sneak in a little bit of something.
    I don’t have anything healthy to share except two words: portion control. Those can be hard words to remember some days.
    My girls have made a whole village of Mii’s. Most of them look like their friends and themselves, too. DH made one and calls it Michael J. Guess who that could be?
    Good luck this week…

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