Okay, guys. Another sad week when it comes to exercising! I haven’t done anything since Monday because I’ve had a cold all week! Good grief, when it rains it pours, huh? LOL Don’t give up reading my posts, people – I don’t plan on being sick forever!

The good news is that I worked out for 45 minutes each day on Saturday and Sunday and 30 minutes on Monday! So I did get something done since I last posted. :-) I can tell you, I totally dread getting on again and seeing what the fitness board is going to say to me! I can just hear it now, “Oh, you deign to come back, you slacker!? Begone with you!”. And then WEIGHING MYSELF IN AGAIN. UGH. That should be a pip. ;-)

Speaking of the fitness board, does he/she have a name? Because I need to call it something. It has eyes and talks (not to mention an attitude) – it needs a name. Hmmm…

So my daughter has become very interested in my balance board. She’s been known to crawl over and place her hands on the board on one side while I’m working out. Which of course makes my balance off. *sigh* Gotta keep her in the walker when I’m doing that or I get distracted everytime!

Here she is mimicking me. Think she’s been watching me? I wonder if she got off after and thought, “What’s the big deal with that thing?”.

Oooh, what a soft cover!

Here we go, getting started on our workout…

Um… why are you watching me?

Okay well I guess I can ignore you.

Ha! I defy YOU to get in this position!

And: Ten Things to do with your Wii Fit Balance Board after it tells you you’re fat. I would never do this to my beloved Wii Fit, of course, but it’s funny. ;-)

And for more Fitness Friday posts and to join in yourself (Please do! You don’t have to be a mommy or have a Wii Fit!) go to fitness.coolmomguide.com!



7 Responses to Fitness Friday – Spotlight on Emma

  • Feel better soon!! LOVE the pics! :) And the ’10 Things to do…’ was hilarious! Thanks for sharing! Good luck for next week… ;)

  • Sorry you’re not feeling well. Oh, and I’ve found the board to be VERY forgiving when I go, say…four months between workouts and gain 20 pounds. (I was pregnant. hahaha)

  • Hope you feel better soon! Your little one is so cute!

  • Woman, I hear you. I have that stomach bug and lost 5 pounds in the past 3 days (so yay there) but have zero motivation. I get on to weigh in daily but can barely get through 10 minutes without throwing up. Woe is us!

  • You are right! The board needs a name. I haven’t seen anywhere that it does have a name… but I haven’t read everything in the WiiFit case either. : ) Maybe WFM’s could have a contest or maybe we could just name our own ~ I’d pick Fannie.
    I hope you feel better… winter is just suckie sometimes. You get over one thing just to get something else. And you pray you don’t give it to the kids.
    We won’t give up on you, just make sure you don’t give up on yourself! Which I have a feeling you won’t. :)
    Feel better! ~Carol

  • OOH!!! The button DOES look great! YAY!

  • Toooo funny! My 1yr old is trying to “play along” to!

    Did you read Mamanista’s review of the Wii Fit? She says that she did it with her baby in the carrier…I am SO gonna try that next week. Lil in the Ergo and me on the Wii Fit…Brendan on “his” board. LOL! I might have to get someone to take a picture of the three of us :)

    Cold season will be over soon!! Hang in there!

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