Emma just wanted you all to know that EA Sports Active isn’t JUST for adults! ;-)

Below: Mimicking mommy’s expression when she just can’t do one more stupid jumping squat and is begging the personal trainer to stop!

She’s got it all figured out, you notice? ;-)

(My husband said, “Oh yeah, that’ll teach her not to touch the Wii stuff…” hahahaha – but it was so funny! I’m bad about that. *sigh*

Quick Update on the 30-Day Challenge:

Everything is going great and I’m DEFINITELY noticing a change in myself! My only worry now is that I’m going to need new clothes soon… Boy are those workouts intense! I’m not always able to finish the whole thing without skipping any exercises, but still it’s working. We should always go at our own pace, and since I’m a walking disease I need to slow down just a bit. It’s encouraging to know that we can make progress even if we need a break now and then though!

Wii Mommies News:

There’s going to be a Mario Kart Race in a month! According to Jenn of The Coupon Coup (one of the wonderful Wii Mommies), it’s going to be The Greatest Mario Kart Race on Earth! Hmmm… I think there are going to be prizes but I’m not entirely sure. Check out Jenn’s post for details!

Question for you: How is your workout going, whether on the Wii or off? What are your plans for staying fit during the summer?

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Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



10 Responses to Fitness Friday – The Wii isn’t Just For Mommies!

  • Woohoo, go Emma! lol

    My plans for staying fit during the Summer is to walk more and go hiking, eating healthier too!

    What workout? :P

    I'm trying to get better first! I'm feel sooo much better today than a few days ago. ( Go you for still working out) … lol

  • Well, two days into my EA Sports Active workouts I can barely walk, lol. My legs hurt so bad! I wish I could just stand up to pee 'cause man…. sitting hurts. Squats and In-line skating are on my hit list.

  • Ellybean: Hey, I didn't work out when I had a sore throat either, lol. I'm sorry you're not feeling well! Hopefully this'll be your last week of feeling like this.

    Elizabeth: I had that same problem! LOL But I wasn't going to say anything 'bout that… until now. ;-)

  • AHH!!! That was SO CUTE! This summer, I'm getting this cute hiney of mine in gear and getting my stomach flat. I have one tiny pesky surgery to endure next week and after I recover, it's on!

  • It hurts that bad, or are you guys sissys? lol …. uh oh, you're going to make me try it when I get better huh?

  • Oh yeah, Ellybean, you are in BIG trouble! lol

    We are going to make sure you get a REAL workout when you get over here… ;-)

  • After I read your posting I went and checked out EA's website and checked prices…that seems like a pretty nice thing to have the reviews on it were very favorable.

  • ohhh so cute!!! My son is in love with the wii fit and now loves the active…he is actually doing lunges and other exercises randomly throughout the day/house. It is so funny! I gotta go write my post for the week still, slacking this week!

  • Emma looks so cute and like she knows just what to do.

  • I'm still on it and it's great! I'll have to post the picture of Joshua doing the boxing, it's so cute :) I now have basketball, tennis, dancing and volleyball on my workouts. I love how they switch it up.

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