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Wii Mommies Olympics begins TOMORROW! Prepare for fun and awesome prizes!

Know a pregnant mommy? (Didn’t I hear something about Wii Mommies EXPANDING? ;-) Enter my Teddy Heart Beat Giveaway!

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7 Responses to Fitness Friday With the Wii Mommies! (VLOG Today!)

  • Will be seeing you tomarrow! Dont get down because you didnt do the wii fit that much lately…you DO have good excuses with little ones and being sick. Your daughter is a cutie!

    oh and the balance games for stress…ok maybe some, but others stress me out…like the darn bubble river race thingy…errrr…I want to pull my hair out doing it!

  • Lol, you two are too cute for your own good. Always happy and ready to go. That’s my girls!

  • Colleen: Um yeah, you are SO right! LOL I should have said that yoga is a good stress reliever – it is much better than the balance games. ;-)

    Maybe it depends on the person?

    Jan (Mom): Of course you think that, you’re my mom! lol How embarrassing. ;-)

  • I just recently got a Wii Fit! I haven’t played on it much yet though… I plan on it. Eventually, lol.

    I tagged you with the Confessions tag on my blog :o) Check it out if you’re interested!

  • Awwww! You are such a cutie patootie! ;) And your daughter is ADORABLE!! Loved your Vlog! ;) Looking forward to reading your progress next week – hope y’all are feeling better! ;)

  • Your video was so cute! Don’t feel down if you didn’t do much. Sometimes it’s just not gonna happen. Your daughter is a cutie! :)

  • I love vlogging! I get to see everyone’s beautiful faces!

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