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Sorry I didn’t post last week – unforgivable, I know. And I have the lame excuse that I’ve been sick. Seriously, all month this cold has been hanging on, staying in my chest and not going away. And I’m so tired of SAYING I’m sick. It’s true, but the truth is boring. lol I’d like to say I’ve been doing something exciting… like backpacking through Ireland or something. Ha, I WISH!

So yeah – not really any fitness going on around here. I gave up on it this week.

So why even WRITE this sad post? Well, for two reasons. One, I was planning on writing one anyway just to give my Wii Fit Mommies friends something to entertain them. Are you entertained? I hope so. Okay, I’ll get on with it. The second reason is because fitness.coolmomguide.com is hosting a totally awesome forum giveaway and someone wins a Flip Camera! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! I would be so thrilled I would dance through the apartment not caring what the people in the apartment below us thought. I’d sing a happy song. I’d dream of all the things I could be doing… Vlogging! Taking quality vids of my daughter’s first steps! … okay, on to my post topic. Yoga.

Can ANYONE stand that straight?

I decided to do a Google search on Wii Fit yoga tips and came up with this:

A Yogi Speaks about Wii Fit Yoga: A review of all 15 of Nintendo’s Wii Fit yoga poses

I’ll let you visit that article to see the whole thing, but here is what jumped out at me and what I think I can use and benefit from:

Half Moon Pose

Nintendo’s “Half Moon” is a basic standing side stretch variation on Tadasana or Mountain pose.

Protect your back, and don’t overdo this stretch – think about stretching your spine upwards, rather than bending it over to the side.

I always start out with the half-moon pose – it’s really a lot harder than it looks! I have a hard time remembering to breathe while doing it, in fact (picture me falling to the floor in a near faint, gasping for breath). I can’t wait to try it with these words in mind: “think about stretching your spine upwards, rather than bending it over to the side.” I know I’ve been trying to bend over to the side too much, mainly because that’s what it looks like the trainer is doing. It would so help if I had a video of myself doing it… *hint hint*

Tree Pose

Tree Pose, or Vrksasana is well represented in its final form on the Wii Fit.

However, many first-time yogis will not be able to reach their inner thighs with the bottoms of their feet! The acceptable modification would be to place the foot on the inside of the calf.Be sure not to place the foot on the knee, because this will strain the standing leg!

Increase your score by finding a still point or Dristi off of the the television screen. This gazing point will help you balance and improve your stability.

The Tree Pose is another pose I love and always do! I was able pretty quick to keep my foot up on my inner thigh, but some people have trouble, so knowing that variation (foot on calf) would be a big help for a lot of discouraged people, I’m sure! I’m definitely going to try gazing off into the distance, too, though it’s hard for me to concentrate on anything but that wavering balance dot.

I may as well mention the Dance Pose. I can’t do it. I’m discouraged. It’s impossible. *huff*

Dance pose. HA!

To see the other pose instructions and recommendations, visit the full article!

Question: What is your favorite yoga pose – whether on the Wii Fit or off? Which one is the most difficult for you?

Happy Friday, everyone! :-)



7 Responses to Fitness Friday with Wii Fit Mommies (Focus on Wii Fit Yoga Tips)

  • First off-VERY entertained. Secondly, one winner who writes a fitness friday post and puts the link in the day 5 section of the forum gets to choose from a yoga mat, suit or bag and one person from all 5 days will be chosen tomorrow to win a Flip. We also have a great super awesome announcement to make tomorrow. Wii rock! MWAH!

  • I wish I could use the excuse I’m sick for the lack of loss this month. You will get better! and then you will rock! : )
    Thanks for the link for the yogi, will be sure to check it out. My favorite yoga pose? hmmm.. warrior pose (I make sure to tighten the gluts and jut out the hips ~ but better go check the yogi to see if that’s right.)

  • I am no good at the yoga stuff. I have never done yoga before and tried that first pose a couple days ago…yeah right!

  • I have no favorite Yoga pose yet… I’m anti-Yoga but still give it a shot…(grin!) Some of the simpler poses I can do to perfection, but I can’t seem to stand still (too much wobbling) when I attempt the tree pose. It’ll happen…meanwhile I’m monopolizing my time with all the balance and aerobic games, and some of the strength training. :) Hope you feel better! :)

  • I’m not a very bendy kinda girl. So the yoga stuff kills me and I can barely do it. I can do some of the simpler balance things, but nothing that requires any kind of flexibility. So you go girl if you can do it! :-D

  • Good post!

    I’m also anti-yoga…but I shouldn’t be. My goal this week is to do yoga at least one day. How sad is that? One day. *Sigh*

    Good luck with the Flip :) *Happy Dance** LOL

  • Those are great tips! I’m intrigued now…I’m going to try the Dance pose today!

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