This is going to be a short one today, folks. Just some sweet randomness for ya:

♥ My highest score for the 6-minute hula hoop game is 2007! Yay!

♥ This morning I beat my high score on the sideways leg lift strength exercise – new score is 79! Yeah, I know – not that impressive. lol But hey, at least it’s something! That’s a tough one for me.

Remember my last Fitness Friday post? Two Fridays ago? Well, I tried some of those yoga tips for the Wii Fit and they really work! The one that especially improved for me is the Half-Moon pose. I don’t feel so awkward and now I can feel the stretch all through my side and not just my hips. Try it!

Tip from me: If you have a baby sitting in a high chair looking totally cute while she eats her breakfast of cheerios and scrambled eggs, and you’re trying to stand straight for a yoga pose or strength exercise, don’t be tempted to watch her instead of the screen. It will mess you up. And your trainer will yell at you when you fall off the exercise board. (not really, lol)

One more tip: Have you ever tried peppermint oil while exercising? It really does give you a boost on mornings you’re having a hard time getting going! I occasionally put it on my neck and shoulders and sometimes right under my nose (you might want to dilute it a bit if you’re going to do that though) to energize me right before I exercise.

Okay, just one more… Listening to some upbeat music while you’re on the Wii Fit gives you a mood boost and extra energy, too! I’ve been listening to the Twilight soundtrack (which I won) and it really keeps me going, especially during the looooong six minutes of hula hooping. ;-)

Question: Do you listen to music to keep you going while you’re exercising? What are your mood boost/motivations?

(In reference to my intro to this post… Is anything I ever do short? haha)



7 Responses to Fitness Friday with Wii Fit Mommies – Motivation and Tips

  • lol…I have had times I have lost concentration because of the kids….also talking on the phone doing hoola hoop is kind of difficult!

  • Also, if you’re trying to use the Wii Fit and your newly crawling toddler decides to climb up your leg, throwing the closest squeaky toy and shouting ‘fetch’ will not necessarily get him off your leg.

  • @Julie…what a mental picture! ROFL :)

    Trying to do the Jackknife while attempting to prevent a 100 lb Newfoundland from licking you and making sure you aren’t dying also is a problem.

    I have yet to brave the 6 minute hula hooping…but I am enthralled by the boxing lol

  •’re doing great. I am just glad to COMPLETE the 6 minute hula. I just about does me in and I couldn’t tell you my score if my life depended on it. LOL

  • 2007 on the Hula Hoops? You ROCK! I’m stuck at 1993…but I’ll get there! ;)

    Good tips – I had issues this week of the puppy trying to trip me when I was doing the step aerobics…it was funny, but he kept messing up my score…and like Julie’s crawling kids, throwing the closest squeaky toy and yelling ‘fetch’ didn’t work, either… LOL!!

  • My little one climbs on the board while I’m working out to *sigh*

    2007?!?! My hero. I’m stuck right behind Stacy at 1992.

    I did get the yoga started this week…my mini goal for the week. I did it four different days…WOOOOO.

    I’m going to have to reread the yoga tips and see if it can help me NOT to fall on my arse LOL…its sort of getting dangerous.

  • @Colleen: Haven’t done the phone thing during the hula yet, lol! Might end up texting someday, though… nah, I don’t think I can concentrate on two things at once. :-)

    @Julie: You aren’t kidding! Nothing distracts those babies. And incidentally, my balance is totally screwed up if I try to do something like that!

    @Tiffany: Oh my word, I never thought of what the pets would do! LoL Sounds fun though. :-)

    @Kay: Thanks! The six-minute is getting easier for me I think… and I only noted my score this morning so that I could blog about it, lol. It’s not like I have my scores posted on the fridge or anything. I could never remember it!

    @Stacey: Haha – but they’re so cute, right? That puppy you have is SO adorable, I want a twin! :-)

    By the way, the problem with “Fetch!” is that they come BACK. lol

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