It’s Fitness Friday again! I want to thank Wii Fit Mommies for featuring my post this week, I’m so honored!

Two weeks ago I wrote my first Fitness Friday post and introduced Wii Fit Mommies to you. Since receiving a Wii Fit for Christmas, I’ve been exercising regularly on it and have only missed one day so far. One out of 14, that’s pretty good if I do say so myself! For me that is REALLY good – I’ve never exercised that regularly before! I’m a horrible procrastinator usually, but it’s been a huge help having the Wii Fit Mommies forum to go to every day. I’m staying motivated thanks to everyone on the forum and Twitter! I’m determined to keep this up, doing a little bit every day.

My Routine

So my daily goal is to do 30 minutes a day but on good days I can do an hour or more (because it’s FUN). My routine is inspired by Julie’s (CoolMomGuide) routine. I go through all the yoga moves I can (up to about the triangle – *shudder*), do a couple of strength exercises, then play the advanced step and advanced hula hoop games. Believe me, you get pretty warm doing that hula! There are three time options: three minutes, six minutes, and ten minutes. I usually do the three- or six-minute games. I tried the 10-minute hula once and it nearly killed me! I actually had to call my husband over to finish off the left side for me because I had a cramp and I didn’t want to quit and not receive any credit, LOL. I’ll have to work up to that one, I guess. ;-)

If I’m feeling unmotivated and find myself wanting to forget the exercises and curl up with a good book (so tempting what with all the great books I’ve been receiving lately!), I try to warm up with the aerobics. Usually after that I’m able to get in a good 15 minutes of exercise at least.

Wii Fit is SO good for a girl stuck in an apartment with a baby!

My Goals

When I first set up my weight loss goals on Wii Fit, I was pretty clueless as to what a realistic goal was, being new to the program. I decided 20 pounds in two months was what I wanted to lose. Now I’m laughing hysterically at myself because so far I’ve only lost one pound in almost two weeks! Granted, during those two weeks I had the holiday bug (sweet tooth) and made three batches of Snickerdoodles – and I ate a lot of them. *grimace* So now with the new year starting, I’m determined to eat better. And I’ve changed my weight loss goal to something I should be able to accomplish with continued dedication – five pounds in one month. I set that goal yesterday morning so January 31, 2009 is my new deadline! Amazing how much more motivated you feel when you see that calendar before you every day with a little stamp on it – DEADLINE! And it would be so embarrassing if I couldn’t lose just five pounds in one month, right? So maybe my pride will keep me motivated as well. ;-)

Even though I only lost one pound, I’m definitely feeling stronger and am already showing an improvement in my balance and posture according to the balance tests and my yoga scores, so it hasn’t been a failure at all! It was totally inspired of the creators of Wii Fit to give us the added challenge of trying to beat our previous scores on each exercise – I’m never bored and I’m extremely competitive with myself (and my husband). ;-)

I’m really pleased with Wii Fit! It’s the best exercise-related purchase I’ve made aside from my daughter’s jogging stroller.

Until next Friday! Next week I’ll be showing off my Mii! :-) And feel free to join in on the fun at the forum and follow me on Twitter (kindred_spirit) whether you’re a mommy or not!

Also, see other Fitness Friday posts HERE and link up your own! There’s a great support group here!

Do you have a Wii Fit? I would love to know what your routine is and what your favorite games/exercises are!



13 Responses to Fitness Friday with Wii Fit Mommies

  • I am so glad that the Wii Fit is helping you stick to your goals! That is awesome. I will get there one day! :) Maybe for my birthday. :) Have a great Friday!

    Kelly :)

  • I hear so many good things about the Wii Fit, although I don’t have one, my goal is to get one this year if I can somehow find a way to! Great job sticking to your goals! I look forward to following your posts as you work towards your fitness goals!

  • I got mine for Christmas too! But because of my surgery I haven’t been able to start doing it. I think I will start tomorrow. My husband was only one year off on his Wii Fit Age. I’m afraid to know mine. LOL. I will post about my first experience tomorrow! Stay tuned!

  • I do not have one, but the more I hear about it, the more I’m interested.

    BTW, love your Etsy shop!

  • EXCELLENT featured post! I finally got in from NY and am catching up on everything and am just tickled. You’re doing so well, I’m willing to be you lose more than 5 ;)

  • Thx for stopping by my blog!

    I guess I need to create a routine with my Wii Fit but as of right now I just workout and play the fitness games that I feel like I would enjoy at the moment. I always do the step aerobics though b/c I sure love it.

  • Hi Lindsey, Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven’t participated in the Fitness Friday posts yet but I plan to. I love my Wii Fit too! I don’t really have a routine but my favorites are the step and hula. I just started rhythm boxing a few days ago and so far I’m enjoying that, although it requires a little more brain power (to remember the sequence of the moves). BTW, we have baby girls about the same age!

  • I tried the 10-min. super Hula-hoop and I swore that will be the first and last time I’m doing it. That is a killer! I finished it though, am too embarrassed to quit in front of the kids. LOL

  • Babette –

    LOL! If I hadn’t been such a show-off in the first place and tried to go faster and score a bunch of spins right off the bat then I might have been able to stay consistent! My big lesson with the Wii Fit – stick to a steady pace and you might be able to make it. :-)

  • This is great!! I am still getting into it and getting motivated!!

  • I want a Wii fit but I need a Wii first… details details lol. Love the post.

  • I work at home, but am extremely busy. I’m giving myself the gift of at least 15 minutes a day for me (Mii). What would you recommend as the best routine for 15-20 minutes a day? Right now I’m doing all the aerobic except 2P run, free step and watching that darn candle. That’s 20 minutes. Do you think this is best use of 20 minutes? BTW, my Wii Fit age was -22 (I’m 61). Go, Mii.

  • Donnette – Couldn’t find an email or a blog for you so I’m responding here. :-)

    I’ve had my Wii Fit for only about 3 1/2 weeks now so I don’t know I’m the best person to ask, but I’d say you’ve got a good routine going there. I personally love to do the yoga as well. If I only have 10-15 minutes I do the first four or five yoga poses, then the advanced step and hula hoop games. As long as you’re feeling it, you should be able to judge for yourself!

    This would be a great question to ask in the forums, by the way! There are lots of people who love to give feedback and support. Stop by! :-) The link is in this post at the top.

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