I’m going to start a weekly series featuring our favorite kids books on our bookshelf.  :)  We are total book-lovers in this family and I’m always looking to expand our collection (much to my husband’s consternation).  I’d take a picture of our bookshelf, but it is a wreck right now.  Time to organize it.  Again.  That’s okay, though – it’s one of the hazards of having tons of books, one I don’t mind a bit.

So I’m very willing to make this a weekly link-up, but for now if you’re interested in making a similar weekly post or if you just want to share a feature or review on a children’s book you’ve done recently, just leave the link in a comment here.  And let me know if you’d be interested in linking up weekly!

Today I want to feature a thrifted vintage counting board book for babies called 123:

This is a fun little book that encourages counting and learning numbers.

It’s the illustrations that I really fell in love with, though.  Look at these adorable kittens!

The book counts all the way to ten.

I found mine in a thrift store, but you can also get it online at amazon.com or at Paperbackswap.com. :)

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.


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