Free Brainstorming Printables for Bloggers (with idea starters!)

Since I’ve become more serious about making my blog awesome lately (ahem, maybe you have noticed??), I have been looking for printables to help me grow my blog and stay organized.  One thing I’ve recently learned is how to brainstorm several post ideas in one sitting, and I’ve loved it!  It helps me stay productive and instead of sitting down at the computer with the “What shall I write?” dilemma, now I have posts galore to choose from.

So anyway, I was just using a blank sheet of paper to brainstorm my blog post ideas, but decided that a colorful brainstorming sheet would make the process much more fun.  I like color.  It inspires me.

I checked online for something like this but couldn’t fine anything, so, being the brilliantly creative person I am, I made a couple myself.

Free brainstorming printables for bloggers  Free brainstorming printables for bloggers

Here’s an example of how I use them (ignore my terrible handwriting):

Free printable brainstorming worksheet

I would love to know what you think of these!

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