Don’t let this summer get away from you!

Whether you school through the summer or just want to keep the kids busy for the next few months, this printable is for you!

I created this weekday-only planner to help us stay on track with our activities and educational goals over the summer.  It’s organized by category with space to write down what you want to do each day of the week.

How to Use It:  Write down your goals for this summer.  These are going to be your categories which can be filled in on the left-hand side of the calendar.  For example, this summer I want to focus on character building, go to as many fun summer events as we can, encourage Emma to read and write daily, and teach her to cook.  This allows me to plan ahead and make goals, jotting down ideas and plans for the entire week.  Weekends are free, but I can write those plans down under “Notes”.  I’ve also provided space for a weekly meal plan.

I’ve provided two free printable files – a summer planner with my categories filled in, and a blank one so you can add your own categories!

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